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How To Succeed With Search Engine Optimization Today!

Internet is growing all the time. Because of that, get a lot of traffic to your website become more difficult because of the many requirements that must be met. Follow the tips in this article in order you will be getting ahead from your competitors.
by Computer and Technology Blog on Jul 25, 2013

On Page Optimization in Search Engine Optimization

These play an important role in optimizing a web page or a web page. On Page Promotion is a technique by means of which your websites achieve greater rankings on various Search engines like yahoo, Search engines MSN etc. Study my previous post on &nb...
by webseotrix on Jun 8, 2013

Giveaway: Free Website Analysis & Local SEO Link Building

We are partnering with our friends at Your Internet Marketers to offer one lucky visitor a complete website analysis. The last day to enter is April 1st and we will be selecting the winner that week. To enter follow the directions at the end of this...

Avoid SEO Penalties with Correct And Optimized Title Tags

Title tags is one of those things where the total influence it has mainly rests on other factors. A few years have passed since video marketing really took off like a rocket, and it is still going strong, and in …Read more »...
by TopHat Software Marketing on Jan 8, 2013

Google Title Tag Length Not By Character Count But Pixels Over Characters For SERP Titles

Google take out another algorithm for SEOs, I don’t know can I called this new Google algorithm? But this is very sensitivity issue for SEOs. This time is Meta Title tag; it shows the title tag length in the Google search results is not inevitably...
by SEO News and SEM News on Jan 7, 2013

Quick Way To Add Alt and Title Tags

On the previous post, I have mentioned how to manually add alt and title image tags on the HTML codes. However  blogger platform has come up with a quick way to insert the tags on the codes. After the upload,  click on the image. Available...
by My VA Journal on Sep 5, 2012

Helpful HTML Codes

Sometimes I need to improve the appearance of the site. Although I’m not familiar with all the HTML codes, I’ve gathered here some of the useful HTMLs that I’ve been using. <font size=”2”> to determine the font size </font><...
by My VA Journal on Aug 31, 2012

Blogging Tip: Using Alt and Title Tags

I’m not a SEO expert (yet, hehe)  but I‘ve noticed that quite a number of visitors reached my other sites  through the HTML tags I’ve added on the image. Here’s a quick way to do it on a blogger platform.On the HTML editor of your...
by My VA Journal on Aug 14, 2012

All my Visitors Know About Link Building and SEO

Today, links  Building & SEO remain the most important external signal that can help a web site rise in the rankings. But some links are more equal than others…. Links were the first major “Off The Page” ranking factor used by search engin...
by midriff on May 2, 2012

Amazing SEO On Page Tips

SEO on page is the backbone of your website or blog if you wanted to succeed today in internet world. When a new website is born no one in the world knows that it came into existence unless you told them directly or via free source search engines. B...
by midriff on Apr 18, 2012

New Features of Yahoo Domain

There are many New Features of  Yahoo Domain:- 1. Get A  Domain            Domain Name Features 24-hour phone and online support A starter web page View sample Domain forwarding Domain locking Private domain registration Learn more Comp...
by midriff on Mar 23, 2012

How to Add Website In Google Webmaster

Due to integration of Yahoo’s algorithm at Bing webmaster tools, sitemap submission has become much easy and valuable now. Previously we only need to submit links to Yahoo site explorer and would need to just Ping MSN search engine, and you had...
by midriff on Mar 4, 2012

5 Reasons Why People Aren’t Coming Back To Your Website

5 Reasons Why Visitors Are Not Returning to Your Website Every website is different, but more often than not, those websites that are not seeing repeat web traffic share a number of similarities. Here are 5 of the top reasons why people aren’t comi...
by midriff on Feb 17, 2012

4 Best Tips To Optimize Title Tags Of Website

Title tags are very much important part of the website. It should be optimized by using the quality method so that it can give you much output then the ordinary one. As the title of any website / blog is a the most important element. It is the first...
by midriff on Feb 15, 2012

The Importance of Metadata

The Importance of Metadata Metadata is the behind-the-scenes stuff on your website. Unless you know about it, you wouldn’t realize whether it was completed or not. Metadata is extremely important and if you’ve already got a website, you need to g...
by Jo Dodds Social Media on Nov 29, 2010

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