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A Picture Paints A Thousand Words

Having realised that a nine month old Baby L was an artistic genius after she painted a canvas picture for our living room wall last year, we’ve done our best to encourage her talents. She’s not yet at the level of world-renowned artist...
by The DADventurer on May 17, 2016

Review: Little Tikes Cape Cottage Outdoor Playhouse

Having recently landscaped our garden to transform it into a family-friendly outside space, it was inevitable that it’d soon be taken over by Toddler L. As Summer approaches, we hope to spend a lot of our time in the garden, so it makes sense t...
by The DADventurer on May 16, 2016

Vegetarian Quinoa Fajita Bowls + Weekly Menu

Yesterday I didn’t even leave the house other than to grocery shop and out for a quick pizza date night with hubby…and I walked nearly 11,000 steps (over 5 miles) according to my FitBit. It was a BUSY day around the house and considering it was 4...
by Prevention RD on May 15, 2016

The Life Of A Stay-At-Home Dad: The Good

Last week saw a pretty big milestone in my life as I managed to successfully reach a year in my current ‘job’ as a stay-at-home dad. I say “successfully” because my one aim for the year was to get both Toddler L and I throu...
by The DADventurer on May 15, 2016

Pretty As A Princess – Weekly Photo Week 20

  We were at my husband’s nephew’s girlfriend’s, that’s a mouthful to say, 21st birthday party last weekend. Aria was desperate to wear the Princess and the Frock dress I bought her for her birthday as it now fitted her.
by SusanKMann on May 14, 2016

As Pretty As A Princess – Weekly Photo Week 20

  We were at my husband’s nephew’s girlfriend’s, that’s a mouthful to say, 21st birthday party last weekend. Aria was desperate to wear the Princess and the Frock dress I bought her for her birthday as it now fitted her.
by SusanKMann on May 14, 2016

An Excited Little Anna – Our Weekly Photo Week 19

  Last week we went to see Disney on Ice, which you can read all about. How was your week?  ...
by SusanKMann on May 7, 2016

Camping With Grandpa by Fairlady Media – Review

What we love… realistic camping app that encourages kids to leave no trace and provides a variety of mini games to play which reinforce real word like dousing a fire, finding an animal via tracks What we’d love to see… a game that i...
by The iMum on May 7, 2016

One Pan Orecchiette with Sausage and Kale + Weekly Menu

There will be a lot of single parenting going on the next few weeks with Mr. Prevention’s work schedule. Sigh. The dread. It’s nice to have somewhat of a reprieve from the daily grind or to work as a team, but ohhh well. We’ll make due. I recen...
by Prevention RD on May 1, 2016

Crazy Weather – Weekly Photo Week 18

  This week the weather has been crazy. We’ve had snow, hail, wind, rain and a little bit of sunshine. It’s been bitter cold, like winter again. We made the most of a few minutes sunshine and wondered what the yellow thing was in the...
by SusanKMann on Apr 30, 2016


The adage is still true, the days are long but the weeks and months go so fast! But it’s Friday…Fri-NALLY! I can’t believe April is over and this week just completely flew by. I started this post on Tuesday, put it down and just rea...
by I'd Roll need on Apr 29, 2016

Six months of being parents to two! What have we learnt?

Six months on, are we surviving?For six months I have been a mum of two, with four of those as a mum with two under two and so far I have loved, almost, every moment of that time. Yes having two is so much harder than just the one but it is also mass...
by Training Mummy on Apr 28, 2016

Tuck N Snug – Your Answer To Keeping Your Child’s Duvet On

Aria hasn’t been my worst sleeper, but she is far from great. Like all babies they have good nights and bad nights, that in turn heads in to the toddlers years and so on. From illness to night mares, there are an infinite number of reasons. One...
by SusanKMann on Apr 27, 2016

Monday Moon by Sweet Slug Software – Review

What we love… a simple and engaging game What we’d love to see… more additions to the game Summary a great game for children to learn about the solar system and shapes Our Rating Monday Moon by Sweet Slug Software is a fun and strai...
by The iMum on Apr 26, 2016

Friday Link-up and Loving Lately

Another week in the books, and I’m enjoying a little late night surfing while KK sleeps next to me. This weekend is definitely going to be PACKED. It’s the annual Kholucks McBacheloff party we do with friends (all our last names combined...
by I'd Roll need on Apr 23, 2016

Jumping And Gruffalo’s – Our Weekly Photo Week 17

  I know I’m cheating with two pictures, but one didn’t quite sum up our week. Last week we had a busy week of jumping at Air Space with the boys and Aria went to see the Gruffalo’s Child at the theatre. The boys loved Air Spac...
by SusanKMann on Apr 23, 2016

Family Friday (vol. 15): Ch-ch-chaaanges at 18 Months

This has been a fun stage – the talking, the activity, the laughs. But, it has come with its challenges. I used to brag – yes, brag! – that Shea would happily say goodnight and willingly head towards bed, almost without any prompting. At 7pm, s...
by Prevention RD on Apr 22, 2016

Starting Nursery And How It Is Going

It doesn’t seem that long ago since Aria was born, she is growing so fast and I know it’s cliche, but I would love a pause button or to slow things down. The first two years were a blur of nappies, bottles, food, nappies, sleepless night...
by SusanKMann on Apr 22, 2016

San Diego Zoo – The World’s Best?

When my daughter and I headed to San Diego recently to visit family,  I took a quick poll in a few travel blogger communities and asked the question that every parent traveling with their child seems to ask: What should we do? Do I take her to Sea...
by The Traveluster on Apr 21, 2016

Toddler Friendly Recipes: Macaroni Cheese With Chorizo

Macaroni Cheese With Chorizo And Vegetables Are you struggling for child-friendly ideas for meal times? Want something that is easy to prepare, healthy, nutritious and delicious for your kids and yourself? Bored of preparing separate meals for each...
by The DADventurer on Apr 21, 2016

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