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黙祷 – In Remembrance

Has it already been one year?  黙祷 Mokutou  One year later, we haven’t forgotten. A single day does not go by that all those affected by the Tohoku Quake in 2011 aren’t in my heart. For all of you who might have lost sight, for whom...
by Secret Garden on Mar 11, 2012

girugamesh Prays for Japan

“If you find yourself feel lonely, and you’re crying in your heart, remember you are not alone …” On March 11th when the 9.0 magnitude quake hit the Tohoku region of Japan, girugamesh was in Germany where they had a scheduled...
by Secret Garden on Apr 15, 2011

Show Your Heart

It’s been just over a month since the magnitude 9.0 “Tohoku-Chiho Taiheiyo-Oki” earthquake and tsunami disaster hit the Tohoku area of Japan. Although the original reports were hopeful, with the death-toll simply ranging in the 100&...
by Secret Garden on Apr 8, 2011

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