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How to Remove Tonsil Stones Safely

Have you been experiencing pain when you swallow, possibly accompanied by halitosis with no obvious cause? If so, the problem may not be a strep infection or a run of the mill sore throat; it could be that you have tonsil stones. This is a common pro...

Tips To Get Out Of Chronic Tonsil Stones

Chronis tonsil stones are not a serious matter if you monitor them, but it can also lead to other effects when left unchecked. These stones can result in halitosis, pain in the mouth and throat, difficulty swallowing, choking, a metallic taste, and c...
by Health Tips Blog on Jul 16, 2010

How To Treating Tonsil Stones In Children

Although tonsil stones are common in adults, tonsil stones in children can also occur. These stones are really a buildup of calcium, bacteria, mucus, phlegm, and other materials that lodge in the soft tissue areas of the throat and mouth. Tonsil ston...
by Health Tips Blog on Jun 26, 2010

Prevent Tonsil Stones : Learn How to Prevent Tonsil Stones

Thinking on how to prevent tonsil stones? This is good to know because these things are more common than you may realize; chances are just about everyone has had them at some point in their lives, and often they go away on their own without the patie...
by Health Tips Blog on Jun 20, 2010

Tonsilectomy It is finally over with!!!

So today this morning I checked into the hospital at 6:30am. We got there at 6ish. My husband who kept saying he was going to just drop me off and get him and monkey back in bed, hung out until about 7. The unfortunate thing was that we left monkey i...
by Native American Momma on Apr 8, 2009

MY trip to the ENT. I want to SUE my old Dr.'s

I went to the ENT today. I have been creating, and dealing with what I was told were tonsil stones since September. First I went to the Dr. and said I coughed up this thing that look like plaque she said it was probably just plaque that got caught in...
by Native American Momma on Feb 16, 2009

Update on Tonsil Stone

*Warning may be gross!Well, after irriating my tonsil to painfullness we gave up trying to get the stone out. It was making my throat hurt and causing really bad breath and it was gross, but we didn't have what was needed to get it out. So we just fi
by Native American Momma on Dec 22, 2008

Tonsil stone *warning a bit gross

So, I have always had problems with my sinuses. I feel all clogged up but nothing will come out my nose. So, I have to dig in there or it ends up getting coughed up. Usually, I would take lots of allergy medicines, followed by a couple of sinus infec...
by Native American Momma on Dec 19, 2008

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