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Duke Nukem Forever PC,PS3,Xbox360

After remaining elusive for 14 painfully long years, Duke Nukem Forever has finally made its way to the market, to deliver some old-school action and plenty of machismo from the legendary video-game character. For those who can look past its flawed l...
by iT Bottle "The info Drink" on Sep 6, 2011

FEAR 3 PC,Xbox360,PS3

Delving into the horrifying saga once more, F.E.A.R .3 carries on the story of the demented entity known as Alma and forces of evil at her disposal. Taking a few bold steps in new directions, the game grants you control of both, Point Man and his gho...
by iT Bottle "The info Drink" on Sep 6, 2011

infamous 2 PS3

The first infamous game was released in 2009 to very good reviews. It garnered a huge fan base of people who enjoyed both toying with superpowers and radical Karma system that changed the way you played the game.This time, developer Sucker...
by iT Bottle "The info Drink" on Sep 6, 2011

Fable III PC,XBOX 360

Games Screen ShotsFable III Full ReviewDesigner Peter Molyneux’s creative vision of a persistent game world that evolves as you play, is an idea that still grabs an avid gamer’s attention. Though in the past, the Fable series failed to live up to...
by iT Bottle "The info Drink" on Jul 28, 2011

The Witcher 2: Assassins of kings PC,XBOX

Games Screen ShotsThe Witcher 2: Assassins of kings  Full Review      The world around you is as interesting as the storyline. Apart from the main plot, there are other activities for you to dip your toes in. along the w...
by iT Bottle "The info Drink" on Jul 27, 2011

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