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India and Japan Recently Signed the MOU in Tourism

India and Japan have mutually signed the MOU to strengthen cooperation in tourism on 22nd January, 2014. The MOU will not only facilitate travel but also tourist visits. This will strengthen the tourism partnership between the two countries. The main...

Outstanding travel agents and hotels to be awarded

Hanoi is set to host the 2012 Tourism Awards on December 4 to honour select hotels and travel agencies for their excellent performance in the past year. Awards winners will be recognized for providing good services and welcoming large numbers of tour...
by Vietnam Business News on Nov 26, 2013

Summer jobs help Algarve economy

The Algarve actually registered a decrease in the number of people signed up at job centres when compared to the previous months of June and July back in 2012, a sign that even if seasonal, there are a couple more jobs out there.
by Algarve Portugal on Aug 26, 2013

Algarve tourism businesses urged to stay open for the winter

Appealed to all businesses related to the Algarve tourism sector to keep their ‘lights on’ during the winter as well so as to try to maintain the current momentum.
by Algarve Portugal on Aug 19, 2013

Will India Emerge as the Best Medical Tourism Destination in the Near Future?

                     You might wonder what tourism has to do with medicine. Well, when people travels abroad primarily to get medical treatments or even learn/practice preventive healthcare methods, it is called as medical tourism...

Fears for European Banks as Greek Depositors Withdraw

Fears for European Banks as Greek Depositors Withdraw LONDON – The European Central Bank has asked financial institutions across Europe to stand behind their struggling counterparts in Greece, Spain...

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