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Tax tourists to fund conservation: United Future

Another political party has called for a tourist tax to help fund conservation. United Future want a $25 fee placed on tourist visas with all revenue going towards maintaining and upgrading the conservation estate.
by TaxWorldWeb on Sep 1, 2016

Inz eases visa requirements for premium chinese tourists

New partnerships struck up by Immigration New Zealand will make it easier for high-end tourists from China to obtain visas.
by TaxWorldWeb on Jul 5, 2016

Tourist tax to net local authorities €188m this year

Tourist taxes are expected to generate €188.6m for Dutch local authorities this year, a rise of 8.6% on 2015, according to figures from the national statistics office CBS.
by TaxWorldWeb on Feb 23, 2016

Brazil Plans to Tax Airbnb Rentals Ahead of Olympics

Brazil is planning to tax homeowners who rent out properties or rooms on the online home-rental marketplace Airbnb ahead of the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, a tourism official said on Monday.
by TaxWorldWeb on Nov 10, 2015

South Korea’s Giving Tourists Tax Breaks on Nose Jobs

Desperate to boost tourism after the MERS outbreak, South Korea will give visitors a tax break on cosmetic surgery from April.
by TaxWorldWeb on Aug 18, 2015

A resounding ‘no’ to tourist tax

The accommodation industry will respond with a resounding ‘no’ to the idea of a tourist tax floated by Local Government New Zealand, says the Motel Association of New Zealand (MANZ).
by TaxWorldWeb on Jul 23, 2015

Tourism industry slams backpacker tax as ‘ridiculous

Chinese visitors and working holiday-makers are among hundreds of thousands of inbound tourists facing tax slugs under a series of revenue-raising budget measures announced by Joe Hockey, which could see the government pocket more than $600 million o...
by TaxWorldWeb on May 14, 2015

Tax Foundation Proposes US Air Travel Tax Overhaul

A new paper from the Tax Foundation (TF) has recommended that funding for US airport improvements should be rebased on the passenger facility charge (PFC) as the most market-based solution, thereby reducing the present reliance on federal taxes. R...
by TaxWorldWeb on May 14, 2015

Proposed ‘tourism tax’ in Fiji talked down

Investment Fiji has rejected a proposal to implement a service fee to supplement the income of tourism industry workers.
by TaxWorldWeb on May 5, 2015

Get your tax back in Mexico !

If you are traveling to Mexico for business or pleasure, this is something you ought to know about…there are a number of establishments all over Mexico that participate in the Tax Back program. In order to get your taxes back, … Continue...
by Mexipreneur on Nov 1, 2012

Cambridge suggests tourist tax

Cambridge is so worried about the influx of tourists that it is considering 'banning' them from parts of the city centre Read more:
by Travel Cities Today on Nov 3, 2011

Singapore Tourist Tax Refund

Not all Singapore tourists know this. Not even my mom who is living in Singapore for 20 years now, knew about it. Well, I wasn’t able to get my own tax refund and I don’t want that to happen to you. It was my friend who works in sg told me about...
by best photos of Singapore on Apr 18, 2011

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