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50 Toxic Plants to Keep Away from Your Livestock

Many folks wouldn’t know that cherries can be dangerous to livestock, or that you are better off keeping broccoli away as well. The plants you might grow for food, medicine, or pleasure might be downright deadly to your chickens or cows. Many who a...
by Preparing For SHTF on Jul 12, 2014

10 Tanaman Beracun, Jauhkan dari Anak-anak

Melanjutkan postingan sebelumnya mengenai Tanaman Beracun, Jauhkan dari Anak-anak. Menurut tabloid Junge Famile-Noweda yang saya baca, di wilayah Nordrhein-westfalen (Jerman) setiap tahun lebih dari 100.000 anak-anak diobati secara medis akibat kerac...
by Pursuing My Dreams on Apr 25, 2014

5 Common Houseplants That are Toxic to Pets

Houseplants are great! Everyone should have at least one or two live plants in their home! Not only do plants add beauty and colour to your home decor, they can clean the air, and make you feel healthier and happier. … Continue reading →...
by Fun Flower Facts on Aug 28, 2013

Christmas Plants that are Poisonous for Pets

Christmas just wouldn’t feel quite like Christmas without traditional holiday plants, like poinsettias and holly decking our halls. Holiday plants add colour and holiday cheer to our homes. However, pet owners should take some precaution. Many...
by Fun Flower Facts on Dec 13, 2012

Why Cats Eat And Dig Up Houseplants

You may catch your cat in the act of eating or digging up your houseplants, or you may discover the telltale sign that the plant has been destroyed. Why do cats engage in this behavior? Just like with dogs, cats may sometimes eat greenery in order to...

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