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Software Update 03112012

We are pleased to announce our latest update to The Legal Assistant, our leading suite of Legal Practice management software. This update brings an array of new features and improved functionality to both the core software product and its matter spec...
by Legal Software & Technology on Mar 12, 2012

How do I remove my editor’s comments in Microsoft Word?

by First Editing on Oct 19, 2011

What is Track Changes? An Editor’s Best Friend

Track Changes are the best feature in Word. Found under the Review tab, this icon is an editor’s best friend. These allow us to see the changes that we have made, as well as allowing the client to review and choose the changes they would like. Why...
by First Editing on Jul 26, 2011

Coverjam Pro

Coverjam Pro 1.01 by STORM   See beautiful photo slideshows of the band as you listen to your music with Coverjam Pro! Listen to your music and Coverjam Pro will search Instagram and Flickr for photos tagged with the band’s name to create a st...

How to Accept or Reject Changes in Track Changes

For an editor, Track Changes in a Word document are a great tool to use, as both they and the client can see where the changes have been made, as these changes show up in a different color from the rest of the text. The editor and the client can also...
by First Editing on Jul 23, 2011

How to Use Track Changes?

You have written an essay and sent it to your supervisor. He has reviewed it and sent it back, but instead of marking it with red pen, as all your other teachers do, he has used the Track Changes under the Review tab in Word. You have never seen this...
by First Editing on Jun 1, 2011

A Guide to RSS Aggregators

One of the most popular features of Internet portals, websites, pages and even emails is a frame that features an organized list of news headlines and periodic updates from other web sources.  Really Simple Syndication, formerly “Rich Site Summary...

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