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First Friday • Henna Tattoo at The Midnight Sun

Do you love body decoration.. with no pain and no commitment? Them you might want to stop by The Midnight Sun this Friday, June 3, 2011 from 4 PM until.......It's First Friday in Five Points. A great time to see all the new shops! See all the new gem...
by henna tattoos designs on Jun 2, 2011

Henna Paste On - Henna Paste Off

Here is a photo of henna paste on the skin. The paste is raised, and is to be left on the skin for at least three hours... longer if possible.Henna is a heat activated body dye that works by penetrating layers of the skin. It is applied to the surfac...
by henna tattoos designs on May 22, 2011

It's Henna Tattoo Time! Saturday 3.27.10 at The Midnight Sun

Spirit Vision Henna in Five Points is happy to announce that the weather is finally warm enough to make hanna paste. In fact, a lovely mixture is sitting in the afternoon sun, the dye has released, and everyone can enjoy fragrant, rich color in their...
by HENNA TATTOOS 2011 on Mar 26, 2010

Traditional Henna Tattoo - Great Art in 20 minutes!

Here is another photo of henna tattoo. This pattern was done at The Midnight Sun in about 20 minutes. This is a free hand pattern, or a "Chef's Choice" henna tattoo.Art like this takes about 20 minute to complete. If you choose to have a spritz of th...
by HENNA TATTOOS 2011 on Nov 25, 2009

Traditional Henna - Freehand Henna Tattoo - It's a Good Thing!

by HENNA TATTOOS 2011 on Nov 24, 2009

Traditional Henna - Freehand Henna Tattoo

I was so lucky to do this henna Saturday afternoon. The paste was fast & liquid.. my client, a goddess of henna!This pattern was completed in half an hour. The freedom of Chef's Choice and a traditional order makes it so easy to create a henna design...
by HENNA TATTOOS 2011 on Sep 20, 2009

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