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Watch: The Prettiest Transgenders In Asia!

The stunning women named Treechada Petcharat(Poyd) from Thailand and Piyada Inthabong from Laos are said to be the prettiest transgenders in the continenet of Asia.Treechada, 29-years-old was originally born as a male named Saknarin Marnyaporn on Oct...
by Public Trending on Jun 23, 2016

7 Transgender Celebrities who were brave enough to come out

7 Celebrities who are Transgenders  You didn’t just think that Caitlyn Jenner was the only famous celebrity transgender. The show biz circle includes many more people who had the courage […] The post 7 Transgender Celebrities who were brave...
by THE GIZTIMES on Jun 6, 2015

What Those Calling Bruce "Call Me Caitlyn" Jenner Brave Seem to Forget

Bruce Jenner has made his long-awaiting appearance to the world as woman.  She is now Caitlyn Jenner, thank you very much.  I want to make perfectly clear at the onset, I couldn't care less what she/he does.  It isn't my business. ...
by just a conservative girl on Jun 4, 2015

The Transgender Series - #7

Transgender Questionnaire! This post is going to be questions asked and answered all about Transgenders!All content is pulled from: am only passing along this content for informational pur...
by SillySilberman on Jun 7, 2013

The Transgender Series - #3

Transgenders and BathroomsA prominent Republican lawmaker wants to pass a bill linking public bathrooms, dressing rooms or locker rooms with the sex that is listed on your birth certificate, or you will have to spend 6 months in jail.&...
by SillySilberman on May 8, 2013

Indian society struggling with gay rights: activist

NEW DEHLI: Legalising homosexuality has had little impact on the deeply entrenched homophobia in India, where thousands of gays still face discrimination and a lack of basic rights, the country's most prominent gay rights activist told Reuters. Hours...
by CNews on Jan 1, 1970

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