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The Best of Philadelphia: What to Do, Where to Stay and the Best Restaurants Philly has to Offer

Wonder what I’ve been up to? Well, this past month of February was pretty cold in New York City for those of you who are lucky enough to live somewhere else. And my travel choices did not take me anywhere warm and sunny! But I did visit the won...
by Smartypanties on Feb 1, 2015

Check Out TravelingPanties and Win Free Tickets to Beer, BBQ & Bourbon Festival in New York City

Hi Dolls! I'm not sure if I told you but I started a travel blog as well! So that's why I've been a bit slow in posting over here! Now that it's finished though I will be back to dutifully posting for y'all. Anyway, in the meantim...
by Smartypanties on Jan 16, 2013

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