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A Windy Coast And A Breath Of Fresh Air

by Beyond Marrakech on Apr 17, 2015

Growing Up In Morocco

Shopping for a belly dance costume in the souk and learning the shimmy shake!Lots of camels to feed!Never bored of henna painting!Siesta on hot days, nothing better than a pile of Beni Ouarain carpets to lie on!A visit to the desert and playing in on...
by Beyond Marrakech on May 13, 2014

Magical Essaouira

Mystical and magical Essaouira, history breathes hauntingly through the streets of this town. Dark, small alleys and the many arches whisper tales of times long gone by and it only needs a little imagination to visualise the caravan trade from sub-Sa...
by Beyond Marrakech on Jan 13, 2013

South Where The Heart Is; The Desert

Another season is slowly ending. It has been a long and wonderful summer, very hot too! A summer with time to reflect about the present and to evaluate our plans for the future. More than that there was time to connect with the past, to embrace old f...
by Beyond Marrakech on Sep 14, 2012

Diversity Of Morocco

Did you know that you can ski in Morocco? It takes about an hour and a half to drive from the heart of Marrakech to the ski resort of Oukaimeden. From Dar Zohra it is just forty minutes but you may want to make a few stops to marvel at the fantastic...
by Beyond Marrakech on Jan 6, 2012

Imilchil Wedding Festival, Myth And Truth

Young woman wearing the typical handira of the Ait  Haddidou tribe It is said that the history of the Imilchil wedding festival begins with the tragic love story between a young man from the Ait Ibrahim tribe and a young girl from the Ait Azza...
by Beyond Marrakech on Sep 26, 2011

The Beautiful South, Skoura And A Thousand Kasbah's

Far beyond Marrakech and across the High Atlas Mountains lies a world of a thousand kasbah’s, green palm oases and yellow dessert sand. Once upon a time, oh so many years ago, the younger version of me fell in love with the beautiful south. I...
by Beyond Marrakech on Jun 1, 2011

Morocco: There’s some good stuff too!

Well, it was pointed out that I’ve been on a negative kick for a little while lately and that in fairness, the good things in Morocco should not be forgotten.  Keep in mind, we are living here more by circumstance than free will, and I believe...
by 760 Days in Morocco on Sep 30, 2009

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