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Game Review #40: Treasure Island Dizzy

In 2009 I began working with Mrs B on her website reviewing the latest console games. Sadly, our other commitments meant the website couldn’t continue and we brought it to an end early in 2010. I’ll be using this blog to re...
by The World According to Dave on Mar 25, 2012

Treasure Island, Las Vegas

Treasure Island...
by Accommodation on Mar 5, 2012

Pieces of Eight

The legendary pirate coins known as “pieces-of-eight” were actually silver “dollars” made by native American craftsmen in Mexico, Peru, Colombia and other countries in Central and South America, who had been enslaved by the Spaniards. The coi...
by scubascoop on Feb 17, 2012

Confessions of a Book Lover, Part 2

This year for my birthday, I received two books: Liberty by Garrison Keillor and Blockade Billy by Stephen King.  They were both enjoyable reads that I read that same weekend.  I decided that I would make a goal for my … Continue reading U...
by reclaiming ryan on Dec 27, 2011

Top 10 Attractions in Las Vegas

Exit click - Top 10 Attractions in Las Vegas There are lots of things to do and to see in Las Vegas. Casinos are usually competing with one another to attract customers. Most of the largest hotels, casinos and also accommodations attributes in world...
by Exitclick on Dec 3, 2011

Dreams and Reality

When I was a little kid I dreamt about living somewhere warm. Where there were palm trees all around and you could swim in the ocean all year long. Preferably in this fantasy, it was the year of the pirate and I owned a big pirate ship. You could buy...
by The Story In Your Eyes on Mar 6, 2009

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