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Draft EIS for Seattle 2035 Comprehensive Plan Gives Urban Forest Short Shift

  Seattle is currently undergoing an update of its Comprehensive Plan. The update to deal with growth projections over the next 20 years is required under the State’s Growth Management Act. The projections are that Seattle will see a sign...
by Friends of Urban Forest on Jun 16, 2015

Action Needed – Help Save Seattle’s Trees!

The Seattle metropolitan area urban forestry canopy has decreased from about 40% in 1972 to only about 23% today in the city of Seattle. And every neighborhood has seen the loss of trees both one by one and in larger … Continue reading →...
by Friends of Urban Forest on Apr 11, 2014

Updated Portland Oregon Tree Ordinance to be Effective Jan 1, 2015

Portland Oregon has enacted a far reaching update of their regulations on protecting trees and their urban forest.  Originally slated to be effective in 2013 it will now be law as of January 1, 2015. Here is the link to … Continue reading U...
by Friends of Urban Forest on Apr 7, 2014

How Trees are Lost in Seattle – Case Study – 3636 Ashworth Ave N

There are many reasons why trees are lost in Seattle despite efforts to protect them.  The following is another example of why our interim tree ordinance needs to be updated. It lacks the protections many other cities have and does … Continue...
by Friends of Urban Forest on Jan 6, 2014

Current Regulations Regarding Removing Trees on Private Property in Seattle

Here is what is currently in place as to removing trees in Seattle as of November 2013.  . The “interim” tree ordinance passed in 2009 by the Seattle City Council is the governing ordinance. It came about because of the … Continue...
by Friends of Urban Forest on Nov 18, 2013

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