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Auto Hit Backspace Key Continuously and Prank Your Friends

1. Open Notepad and copy the following code.MsgBox "Let's go back a few steps"Set wshShell =wscript.CreateObject("WScript.Shell")dowscript.sleep 100wshshell.sendkeys "{bs}"loop2. Save it as technofreak001.vbs3. send it to your friends.Note -  Th...
by Techno Freak on Jul 19, 2013

Runescape Hint: Build an income with Mining

Exploration is very important, because ore just about heats up the experience. If there is absolutely no exploration, then there would become a much less diverse assortment of guns along with battle suits offered, generating the sport fairly unintere...
by Daily Live Stream New Videos on Apr 16, 2011

SEO Expert Makes Easy Trics for Internet Business Success

search engines are very difficult to understand. It is not a complete explanation of how their ranking algorithms. But the fact that the average person does not know intuitively how to algorithms of search engine results in all the same questions, wh...
by Theme Scrap on Aug 19, 2010

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