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Unified Vehicular Volume Reduction Program

  The city of Calbayog is growing by leaps and bounds.  There is a lot of construction on going and more construction is planned.  Most of this construction is in the downtown area (Calbayog Proper).  More buildings means less space for peopl...
by Texan in the Philippines on Aug 9, 2016

Goodbye Trike, Hello Headphones

  Well we sold our tricycle (trike) today.  I can’t say I’m sorry to see it go.  I never really wanted to get it, but Lita thought it would boost our income here.  It did some, but not really that much.  I thought it was more tro...
by Texan in the Philippines on Jun 24, 2016

Theory Test and Bad Trike Drivers

  Jun and most of his family came for a visit today (15 May).  They didn’t stay long and I’m not even sure why they were up here from Tacloban.  It was good to see them though. Lita went downtown today by herself.  She had an usua...
by Texan in the Philippines on May 20, 2016

Multifunktionales Mini-Laufdreirad Charlie von Pinolino – der Check

Das Mini Laufdreirad Charlie eignet sich im wahrsten Sinne des Wortes für die ganz Kleinen. Zum Einen erleichtert es in seiner Dreiradform den Einstieg in die Welt der Kinderräder und lässt sich bei mehr Sicherheit im Umgang später leicht in ande...
by Laufrad für Kinder on Feb 18, 2016

Banks Twin Turbo Trike…yes a Trike.

This Banks Twin Turbo 1115hp and 900+ lbft Trike is… absolutely sick and wrong! It shipped to someone far braver than me!     The Banks 375″ SBC Twin-Turbo dynoed at 1115 hp and 940 lbft, we backed it down to 800hp for the trike...
by Banks Blog on Aug 10, 2015

Harley Davidson Trike

by Harley Davidson on May 30, 2015

Salamander H2O , Trike Amfibi Buatan Filiphina, Banjir Lewattt… Assalamualaikum wr wb. Apa kabar sobat sobit salim? Semoga aktifitas di pagi minggu ini bermanfaat ya. Oia, kali ini salim mau mengetengahkan trike baru nih, ngga jauh-jauh lho, motor ini buatan negara tetangga......
by on Apr 11, 2015

ToysRUs Bike and Trike Trade In 3/22-4/4

The Bike and Trike Trade-In event offers parents the opportunity to trade in any used bike or trike in exchange for a savings of up to $50 on any regular-priced bike or trike (excluding all clearance bikes and trikes). After trading in a used bike...
by Barbara's Beat on Mar 27, 2015

Honda Akan Mengeluarkan Motor Roda Tiga? Seperti Apa?

Assalamualaikum wr wb. Gimana kabarnya sobat? semoga selalu makin baik dan makin beriman yak… Setelah sekian lama vakuum, akhirnya saya kembali lagi akan membahas trend terbaru seputar dunia permotoran. ya, seperti dilansir kang Taufik TMCBlog,...
by on Jan 22, 2015

Win – An Awesome 2 in 1 Rollers Trike to scooter

 Win An Awesome 2 in 1 Rollers Trike to scooter Rollers are a brand new pre school wheeled toy that was launched in July.  Rollers allow children aged 2+ years to just roll with it! The aptly named, Rollers, are designed to encourage children to...
by umeandthekids on Sep 7, 2014

MIT students come-up with a solution for the handicapped!

Three Automobile Engineering students of MIT Manipal, as their final year project, decided to do something different but also closely related to their passion and course. After doing some survey and research they found out that the Indian market is...
by Bharath Autos on May 29, 2014

Ban | Mobil | Motor | Rubber Care Polish

Sudah saatnya kita rawat ban mobil, ban motor, atau karet apa aja yang ada di rumah dengan Rubber Care Polish. Rubber care polish adalah cairan pelembab untuk merawat ban mobil, ban motor, juga semua karet yang ada di rumah dengan formula yang khusu...
by Distributor ABE on Apr 26, 2014

Silent Sunday - Week 11

This is a Silent Sunday post as inspired by Cosmic Girlie and The Boy And Me.Also linking toThis post is protected under copyright. SusankMann 2009 - 2014...
by SusanKMann on Mar 16, 2014

Review - Smart Trike Dream 4 in 1

I have found THE best baby's first birthday gift, the Smart Trike Dream 4 in 1. It is awesome. I wasn't sure how Aria would get on with it, but she loved it. She got it about the 10 months mark, but she wasn't too keen yet. Since she hit a year she's...
by SusanKMann on Feb 13, 2014

Smart Trike, Sepeda Roda Tiga

Jalan-jalan yuk…! Kalau masih kecil didorong aja ntar kalau sudah gede dikayuh sendiri ya…! Kalau ibu-ibu mencari sepeda roda tiga multi fungsi buat si kecil bisa mencoba yang satu ini, Smart Trike, bisa dipakai mulai umur 10 bulan sampai...
by on Nov 17, 2013

Tim Cotterill The Frogman Rocket 2 Trike

What’s up people? Check out Tim Cotterill and his beast getting ready for a cruise in Malibu. He designed the whole thing. It’s an all aluminum, hand built body. Suspension is all original, and made out of steel. 1200hp, supercharged. The...
by Inline Performance Magazine on Oct 15, 2013

Trike Racing 3D

Play 2000+ Free online games!
by Igrice-Games on Sep 27, 2013

Balance bikes – the way forward?

As babies turn into toddlers, it’s hard to know when they’re ready for bigger, ‘older’ children’s toys, especially when it comes to exciting outdoor toys and bikes. N had a scooter for his Christmas present as he turned 2.  I … Conti...
by Bubbablue and Me on Jul 9, 2013

Three dog reverse trike motorized go kart test footage

This is a the first real test footage of the Three Dog reverse trike go kart built from scratch. The only components that were sourced are the Harbor Freight 6.5HP 200cc motor, the wheels, and front spindles. Everything else was designed, engineered,...
by Go Kart Accessories on Jan 25, 2013

Fasting & Exercise, Ep341

Check out my NEW YouTube Channel “Radiance Central” – All new videos are there! Today I answer some questions regarding fasting & exercise– Can someone exercise while fasting? Where does one get their prot...
by Natural Detox Tips on Jan 6, 2013

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