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The Sunday Currently: Vol. 6

It's the holiday season, you can already feel it. Every morning I have a hard time getting out of bed because it's so cold I don't want to move any bit of muscle. Taking a bath at dawn is also equally difficult; I always feel like I'm being wrapped i...
by helloviellobits! on Dec 11, 2016

The Sunday Currently: Vol. 5

So I'm back to writing my TSC series after almost a month of entering an unintentional blogging hiatus. I had a lot going on in my life recently that blogging or writing is the least that is on my mind. I'm always too tired and sleepy from everyday's...
by helloviellobits! on Dec 4, 2016

The Sunday Currently: Vol. 4

I missed one Sunday for my TSC series... I tried writing my Vol. 4 while on holiday in HK but wasn't able to finish it. So I deleted everything. It was tight sched vacation and we lost one day because of typhoon Haiyan. Our Sunday last week would hav...
by helloviellobits! on Oct 31, 2016

The Sunday Currently: Vol. 3

There's a storm looming and it was pretty rainy and cold this morning. I woke up so early but didn't get out of bed until around 9am. I have a lot to do today. For one I need to pack my stuff asap because I won’t have time to do it before my trip t...
by helloviellobits! on Oct 17, 2016

Kate Gosselin: 'I'm Glad to Be Divorced and on My Own'

Cancellation of the day: Sorry, Kate Gosselin, your money train is at an end, as TLC has just canceled " Kate Plus 8." Don't worry, I'm sure you will find other ways to exploit your children for cash maybe have the younger ones try...
by GPS Revieiew before buy gpsw on Aug 15, 2011

Kate Gosselin: 'I'm Glad to Be Divorced and on My Own'

Reality TV mom Kate Gosselin's show about her struggles as a single mother of eight has been canceled. Kate Plus 8 will not be back for another season, but TV bosses at TLC have hinted that futur Kate Gosselin, we probably knew ye a little too w...
by GPS Revieiew before buy gpsw on Aug 15, 2011

12 Days of Christmas (in July):Day 2 - $25 TSC gift card!

On the second day of Christmas (in July), my true love gave to me... A gift card to the TSC!..................................... Where I come from... This is just a preview of the post; visit to get the entire article, along with ot...
by ThriftyGrl on Jul 2, 2011

My Baby Clothes Boutique Giving Back

My Boutique Clothes has partnered with the Tuberous Sclerosis Alliance to help aid in their fund raising efforts.  I am sure you are asking “What the heck is Tuberous Sclerosis?”   That is the same thing Shannon Henrici, of www.mybabyc...
by NetWorkingWitches on Feb 12, 2011

Blast Furnace To Fire Up TKC Steel Corporation (T)

By the looks of it, TKC Steel Corporation or T in the Philippine Stock Exchange, a company engaged in the manufacturing and distribution of various steel products, is on the verge of a major move. As you can see from its chart above, T has recently b...
by Laid Trades on Jan 19, 2011

Hangover Helper : piece together the puzzle of your Hangover

You’re waking up with a head splitting headache and a dry mouth and severe hunger and you look around and you go hmmm, where the bloody hell am I ? Does that ever happen to you ? Well my friend you just had a hangover, its was an all too famili...
by Windows Mobile Freeware on Dec 19, 2010

Free Britney Spears – The Singles Collection Digital Deluxe Version Download

Today is a great day for you, Britney Spears fans! Because, today I want to share Britney Spears The Singles Collection Digital Deluxe Version! This is a great pack for Britney Spears fans from around the world! And here is the the singles collection...
by Bagus Andryan on Nov 27, 2010

Magic 7 Ball : always gets the answer you want

Magic 7 Ball is your own personal fortune teller designed for Windows Phone 7. Ask the magic ball a Yes / No question, slang and fortune telling questions and let the app make the decision for you or reveal your answer. It should be great for when yo...
by Windows Mobile Freeware on Nov 20, 2010

ДжаITтака. Распределенные вычисления.

by Ламер street on Sep 13, 2009

And Now, the Tourism Sustainability Council

From The Partnership for Global Sustainable Tourism Criteria (GSTC Partnership): Partnership for Global Sustainable Tourism Criteria and Sustainable Tourism Stewardship Council Announce Merger to Form Tourism Sustainability Council Two leading initi...
by The Temas Blog on Sep 10, 2009

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