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Top 10 Communication Moments of 2016

What a year. The Olympics. A Presidential Election. So much noise this year – a colossal communications cacophony. What, then, stood out? The moments. With such a divisive political, economic and social landscape this year, we found that people...

BERKELEY - The Birth of the Free Speech Movement

"Hearing echoes of Berkeley in student activism today" PBS NewsHour 10/16/2014ExcerptJUDY WOODRUFF (NewsHour): Now, a look back at a movement some historians believe profoundly changed American culture, politics and education.“NewsHour” special c...
by Mage Soapbox on Oct 17, 2014


RIOT AT SAN FRANCISCO'S CITY HALL 54 YEARS AGO TODAYSan Francisco, California (JFK+50) On May 13, 1960, 54 years ago today, student protesters opposing hearings held at San Francisco City Hall by the House Un-American Activities Commit...
by JFK+50 on May 13, 2014

Razones por las que el concreto de los antiguos romanos era más ecológico y duradero (ALS Helps Show Why Ancient Roman Concrete is Durable and Ecological « Today at Berkeley Lab)

Un equipo de investigadores dirigido por el Profesor Paulo Monteiro, en la prestigiosa Universidad de California en Berkeley, afirma tras una serie de estudios que el cemento elaborado por nuestros... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my webs...
by ArquitecturaS on Jun 10, 2013

First Ever Images of Molecules in Chemical Reaction, Captured!

Have you ever wondered how molecules behave during a chemical reaction? Back in high school, most of the information we get in Chemistry class comes from book illustrations and creative animations. We never had a chance to actually see and verify whe...
by PHtechnews on Jun 4, 2013

UC Berkeley Tightens Security Against BYOD Vulnerabilities

UC Berkeley implements safety controls to protect against vulnerabilities associated with BYOD trends.
by friday coming soon on Mar 22, 2013

Who Knew!! Go Bears!!

His Amazon work group is having a spirit week.  Yesterday was collegiate alma mater wear day.  So he wore this Cal Berkeley ROTC shirt.   I had one just like it since it was a pt shirt.  It's hard to believe that shirt is at le...
by United States of Motherhood on Dec 14, 2012

Not Voting? The Koch Brothers Thank You

Not Voting? The Koch Brothers Thank You you're staying at home because you're disgusted by the negative tone of the campaign; or you believe both sides run the same vile, lying, attack ads; or because you'...
by Henry Sullivan on Aug 17, 2012

7 of 10 UC Berkeley: Gary Taubes 11/7/2007 The Quality of Calories: What Makes Us Fat and Why Nobody Seems to Care November 27, 2007, 04:00PM Sibley Auditorium View watch webcast Gary Taubes is a science journalist who has been published in the Atlantic Monthly, Discover, Es...
by Diabetes Away on May 13, 2012

Online Degrees Versus Traditional Degrees

While most employers will value a degree from an established campus college without question, there is a different response from employers reviewing applications for those that list a degree earned from an online college. Should a degree from a virtu...

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