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You see the first images of the LG press G3

If you want to know how to see the LG G3 beyond the concepts-as the head of this article-and leaked photos are in… more » The post You see the first images of the LG press G3 appeared first on 24reviews.
by 24Reviews on Jun 10, 2014

VIDEO: CES 2014 Television Highlights

CES 2014 is complete. As usual, there was a ton of news. From curved to 4K, bendable to backlit, there was some cool television technologies announced and shown in Las Vegas. Almost no mention of plasma, of course, now that Panasonic has stopped prod...
by 6446 Rules on Jan 12, 2014

Dell Luncurkan Monitor UltraHD 4K Terbaru 24-inci dan 32-inci

Dell mengumumkan dua monitor Ultra HD "4K" UltraSharp terbaru, sebuah model 31.5-inci serta versi 24-inci, yang keduanya memiliki resolusi 3840 x 2160 piksel.Dell menggembar-gemborkan monitor UltraSharp 31,5-inci tersebut sebagai model unggulan, tapi...

UHDTV Televisores de Ultra alta definición

En la actualidad casi todo el mundo posee una TV de alta definición y la opinión general del 1080p o HD es más que aceptable, con un realismo que parece inmejorable. Sin embargo se aproxima una nueva generación de televisores, con un nuevo format...
by e-SORT diseño web on Mar 5, 2013

LG Electronics Launches First ‘Ultra-High-Definition’ 4K TVs In U.S.

Follow @JTN_Network @JTN-News watch LG Electronics Launches First ‘Ultra-High-Definition’ 4K TVs In U.S. (via PR Newswire) LOS ANGELES, Oct. 26, 2012 /PRNewswire/ – Ushering in a new era in home entertainment, the first “Ultr...
by @JTN_Network on Oct 26, 2012

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