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-Obama’s ‘Internet Giveaway’ Could Lead to U.N. Control?

It doesn’t make any sense, but President Obama has insisted that the US give up its control over the Internet. Nevertheless, it is scheduled by Executive Order to happen a month from now on September 30, 2016. Now it comes out that the United Natio...
by ANSWERS For The Faith on Aug 29, 2016

-UN Group Demands Church Change on Abortion and Homosexuality

                                    ( UN building in New York: Janitors) Th...
by ANSWERS For The Faith on Mar 28, 2014

-UN: Religious Objections to Abortifacients Violate Human Rights?

           (UN Human Rights Council logo: Wikipedia) The United nations is counseling their member nations that the use of contraception and abortifacients is a human right that should not be allowed...
by ANSWERS For The Faith on Nov 19, 2012

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