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Top 25 Unearthly Places You Won’t Believe Actually Exist

Here I've shared 25 amazing destinations which will make your eyes pop and jaws drop. #14 and #28 seems impossible!
by World Tourism Forum on Nov 25, 2016

LOOK: Misteryosong Matandang Babae nag Babala sa Mga Tao Bago Naganap ang Pagsabog sa Davao

After the mysterious woman received the money from the witnesses, she warned them that they must go home early because there will be an earthquake coming.The statement of the Karl, Mari, Anne and Kimberly who claimed that they saw the mysterious woma...
by Public Trending on Sep 4, 2016


After the tragic incident that happened in Davao City market, many expressed their sympathies for the families affected in the explosion.And while many showed despair and agony, anti-Duterte detractors and people who oppose the president's administra...
by Public Trending on Sep 3, 2016

VIDEO VIRAL: Roman Catholic Priest Caught on Video Snorting Cocaine

Kaunti nalang talaga ang mga devoted Priest Ngayun.Lagi nalang hinaharangan ng taga CBCP si Pres. Digong sa mga gawain nya. Pero ang sarili nilang membro hindi nla namalayan, naging baliw na pala. Ano kaya ang reaction nla dito?source: Public Trendin...
by Public Trending on Aug 25, 2016

This Hong Kong Billionaire Offers $120M to Anyone Who Could Turn his Lesbian Daughter Straight

A billionaire offered $120 million to any,man who can make her gay daughter straight. Hong Kong tycoon Cecil Chao Sze-tsung,claimed he "respects" her daughter’s lifestyle, but preferred having grandchildren who will take over the family busine...
by Public Trending on Aug 2, 2016

This Beautiful Woman Stepped Out Of Her Car In The Middle Of The Traffic And Did This!

When you are stuck in traffic, the patience that you,have tends to diminish. This is the reason why people argue whenever,something not good happens. But a group of friends decided to handle,the traffic in their own magical way. As seen on...
by Public Trending on Jul 23, 2016

Duterte Was Predicted By Nostradamus Thousands of Years Ago As The President of The Philippines

In the time of Nostradamus, his devotees claims,that he made accurate predictions of wars, natural disasters and,the rise and fall of empires. He predicted the attacks,on Pentagon and World Trade Center.Now, there are allegations that he also pr...
by Public Trending on Jul 23, 2016

Mysterious Nun Smiling Has Even After Death Goes Viral Online!

A Reverend Sister Cecilia Maria has been living in the Saints Teresa and Joseph Monastery in Santa Fe, Argentina after she became a nun in 2003. Initially, she did not start as a nun but was a nurse after she graduated the nursing course at the age o...
by Public Trending on Jul 20, 2016

Video of A Girl Who Got Possessed by 'Duwende' Goes Viral

A video posted by ThePinoyScoop Entertainment,in Youtube has garnered different reactions from Netizens. It claims that the girl in the video was possessed but not by demon but a "duwende"."Duwende" is a filipino mythological character,who is believe...
by Public Trending on Jul 19, 2016

Eight Amazing Things Happen of Not Wearing Bra Could Do To Your Bre@st ! This Is Unbelievable!

It may surprise you to learn just how,many advantages of the bra are a bit exaggerated. While it totally depends on your body type and comfort level, there are,tons of situations and occasions where a bra might be totally unnecessary.It has been a no...
by Public Trending on Jul 17, 2016

Dozen of Mermaids Was Caught by Drone! Is This A Proof That Mermaids Exist?

It is for real that the debate if mermaids,are real or not have been going on online for quite some time and people are trying their best to come up with,proofs that will show that mermaids are real. Recently, everyone was surprised and somehow,conf...
by Public Trending on Jul 16, 2016

Shocking! A Tree Bears A Fruit With A Shaped Like A Mini-Woman! Unbelievable!

This tree in Thailand bears fruits shaped like,a woman! A lot of people claims that they have seen this tree for themselves,and took pictures with them. However, many netizens,aren't convinced that this is true. Surprisingly, buddhist ancie...
by Public Trending on Jul 15, 2016

Pokemon Go: Dozen People Went Crazy After Squirtle Appeared!

The new mobile app by,Nintendo ‘Pokemon Go’ is a huge hit, people started going crazy over this game. Currently it’s only available,in New Zealand, Austrailia and US and it will take a while for it to reach every every country in the,planet, bu...
by Public Trending on Jul 15, 2016

Japan's Swimming-pool Like Flood Waters Amazed Chinese Netizens

When Tropical Storm Etau affected Japan, it,caused flooding to many parts of Japan. But posts about it have quickly became viral after the photos,showed clear waters which would have passed as swimming pools!Netizens, especially web users from China,...
by Public Trending on Jul 12, 2016

For 2 Years This Girl Took Selfies With Random Couple Doing This! Unbelievable!

This girl's selfies took a strange turn when,she spent two years of her life documenting others' kiss sessions.The unique thing: she has taken them with couples,making out, sometimes pretty aggressively, in the background.source:
by Public Trending on Jul 11, 2016

Husband's Hidden Cameras Prove His Housekeeper Wasn't Stealing, and This What Happen Unbelievable!

FeelingVeryConfused is a Reddit user who is a 36 year old husband to a wife who .... just slept with another womanThis Reddit user, FeelingVeryConfused, has every right to use that name. At frst he suspected his 25 year old housekeeper of stealing.He...
by Public Trending on Jul 11, 2016

Old Man Selling Buko and Make His Wheelchair Into a Rolling Store

There is no impossible thing, if we work hard, as proven by this,man whose photo got viral on Facebook. In order to make a decent,living, this disabled man converted his wheel chair into a ‘Rolling Store’ that made it possible,for him to sell buk...
by Public Trending on Jul 11, 2016

President Duterte Not Afraid On Death Threats and He Says 'God Will Decide'

After publicly announcing the five generals,who are allegedly part of the illegal trades or have been protecting them, he revealed the elaborate,of drug traders organization last Thursday on national television which surprisingly included some,police...
by Public Trending on Jul 10, 2016

Watch: This is What Happen the Leg of the After a Girl Was Bitten by a Snake

This is a video of a women suffering,from a severe necrosis after a snake bite is  The 1 and a half minute video clip become trending topic in World Wide Web as it was shows a leg,of a girl turned into a black due to the poison of the snake.A gi...
by Public Trending on Jul 10, 2016

Watch: Solenn Heussaff Revealed Private Part in Snapchat

There’s no contending that Solenn Heusaff is,viewed by numerous as one of the sexiest big names in the whole country. Her luring charm, hot,figure and wonderful looks are unquestionably attractive, and genuinely most,men would concur.She transferre...
by Public Trending on Jul 9, 2016

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