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Illinois’ Largest Foreign Trading Partners Weigh In On State’s Attractiveness For Investment

Illinois blog readers might be interested in the following, which appeared on the State of Illinois home page earlier this week: In order to obtain an independent assessment of Illinois’ competitiveness, the Governor’s office asked the state’s...
by Survival And Prosperity on May 6, 2015

Same Sex Marriage and the Church in Wales

Following on a debate on Same Sex Marriage at the Governing Body (Synod) of the Church in Wales in April 2014, it was announced by the Bench of Bishops that a provincial wide consultation at diocesan level was to be organised to see what the Church i...
by DeanRoberts.Net on May 1, 2015

Wednesday's strike at St Andrew & St Francis called off to promote negotiations but Thursday's strike still on, followed by public meeting

Teaching unions had planned two days of strikes this week against forced academisation  at Andrew and St Francis Primary School in Willesden on Wednesday and Thursday of this week.Today they announced that they would call off Wednesday's strike...
by wembleymatters on Apr 27, 2015

FAST FOOD WORKERS - Largest Strikes to Date

"Fast Food Workers in 236 Cities Pull Off Largest Strikes Yet as Other Low-wage Workers Join Fight" by David Moberg, In These Times 4/16/2015A hand-lettered placard, reading “McDonald’s: Stop Fooling Around, $15 and a union,” caught the spirit...
by Mage Soapbox on Apr 20, 2015

The 2015 British General Election: Capitalism’s One-Horse Race

Britain is currently in the grip of a general election campaign. Voting takes place on 7 May and election fever in the media is building as various commentators and politicians engage in empty rhetoric about British values and democratic principles.
by London Green Left on Apr 10, 2015

Red Pepper on 'How red are the Greens?'

The latest Red Pepper, delivered today, has How red are the Greens? as its cover story with additional articles inside. It is edited by Michael Calderbank who is a member of the LRC and a local Brent activist with whom I have campaigned on various...
by wembleymatters on Apr 4, 2015

Are Banks Open or Closed for Easter 2015?

Easter is one of those holidays where it can often get confusing as to whether or not banks and other financial institutions are open or closed. This is because while it is a religious holiday celebrated by many people in the US, it’s not an of...
by Debt Free Living Guru on Apr 1, 2015

Why we Greens Must Stick by our Anti-austerity Red Lines

Let’s be quite frank – austerity is a massive con. The financial crisis of 2008 has been used by the Coalition government to force through deep cuts to our public services, in the name of ‘balancing the books’. With help from a compliant main...
by London Green Left on Mar 25, 2015

Michaela Free School 'putting pupils lives at risk' claim teacher unions

Hank Roberts, Union representative on  on Brent Schools Health and Safety Committee has riased serious questions about safety at the Michaela Academy Free School in Wembley Park which opened in September 2014 but is still undertaking building wo...
by wembleymatters on Mar 24, 2015

Blacklisted – the secret war against trade unionists

The new book “ Blackliste d” by victimized trade unionist, Dave Smith, and investigative journalist, Phil Chamberlain, is an extraordinary achievement, both documenting in detail the sordid conspiracy by powerful corporations to deny ordinary wor...
by Socialist Unity on Mar 16, 2015

Orange County Credit Union $100 Checking Account Bonus

Orange County’s Credit Union will give you $100 to open a personal checking account by May 15, 2015. You would also need to either set up a direct deposit OR make 5 debit card purchases within 60... This is a content summary of today's hot offer.
by Frugal Reality on Mar 12, 2015

A Short History of Green Left

Green Left was formed in 2006 when a small number of members of the Green Party of England and Wales met at spring conference and drafted the Headcorn Declaration. Later in the year in June, thirty seven members met in London to formally adopt the na...
by London Green Left on Mar 12, 2015

Right-To-Work Should Give Up Union Gains

According to an article by the AP, the Right-To-Work movement across the U.S. is gaining more and more momentum as GOP governors and statehouses move to disable union rights by making it illegal to require workers to pay union dues . The highest prof...
by Sparking the Left on Mar 11, 2015

It’s not a surge it’s an awakening - A member's thoughts from conference

Language is important. Hundreds of column inches have been written about the Green party “surge”.I for one have never liked the phrase as for me it’s tinged with military association, however for the party it’s been latched upon and suddenly...
by London Green Left on Mar 10, 2015

Voluntary services face bleak future as ‘servants of the Government’

The involvement of global corporations in the privatisation of public services is firmly on the nation’s agenda. But less well known is the way in which charities and voluntary groups have been seduced or cajoled by New Labour and Coalition governm...
by London Green Left on Mar 6, 2015

Elected Green Representatives Should be subject to a Party Whip

When I first joined the Green party nine years ago, I was amazed to learn that elected party representatives where not subjected to some form of party whipping system. I queried this, asking if this meant they could vote for pretty much anything they...
by London Green Left on Mar 4, 2015

European Union Intransigence on Greek Debt Crisis Risks the Entire European Project

With last ditch talks on Greece’s attempt to renegotiate the penury inducing ‘bailout’ loans from the EU, ECB and IMF on Friday, we stand on the edge of a potentially devastating crisis, not only for Greece but for the Euro currency and the wid...
by London Green Left on Feb 17, 2015

WEST COAST PORTS - Impact of Labor Disputes Hype?

"Is the economic impact of the labor disputes at West Coast ports just hype?" PBS NewsHour 2/15/2015ExcerptSUMMARY:  A labor dispute between shipowners and longshoreman on the West Coast has been going on for months now.  This weekend, the...
by Mage Soapbox on Feb 16, 2015

Interview - Green Party Candidate for the General Election - Katy Beddoe, Caerphilly

In the second of a series of interviews with Green Left supporting candidates at the General Election, Mike Shaughnessy interviews the Green Party's Katy Beddoe, candidate for Caerphilly, Wales.Tell me a bit about your background and how you came to...
by London Green Left on Feb 12, 2015

Now, Can Podemos Win in Spain?

Hundreds of thousands of demonstrators — whom the world press refer to as los indignados — gathered in the square of Puerta del Sol in Madrid on 15 May 2011, protesting against the banks’ stranglehold on the economy and a democracy they felt no...
by London Green Left on Feb 3, 2015

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