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Unpaid Internships: Worthwhile Educational Experience or Exploitation? (Department of Labor Rules)

Despite the many high-profile court settlements, many companies may not be getting the message that interns must be paid unless they meet specific criteria. In a recent class-action settlement, Warner Music Group Corp agreed to pay hundreds of former...
by CyberAlert on Jun 26, 2015

Quick Thought #22: Salute to the Burson-Marsteller Summer Internship Program

Here’s a quick tip of our hat to Burson-Marsteller and its Summer Internship Program, a paid internship at one of the nine participating of the U.S. Burson-Marsteller offices. Each intern is assigned to a client team or practice group. HBSI interns...
by CyberAlert on Dec 29, 2014

Unpaid internships in London cost graduates £926 per month

A recent study has uncovered that unpaid internships in London are costing graduates an average of £926 per month or £5556 for a typical 6 month placement. The costs refer to London rental prices as well as including basic bills. What is an interns...
by Moving to London on Dec 13, 2014

Four Ways You Can Seek Back Pay for an Unpaid Internship

By Kara Brandeisky ProPublica At ProPublica, we’ve heard from a lot of unpaid interns. You’ve told us about walking your boss’s dog, fact-checking for magazines and even doing the same work as federal prosecutors 2014 all for little...
by SiteProNews on May 12, 2014

11 things every graduate should know before they start job hunting – 2013 Tips

As a recruiter myself I do most of the things highlighted in this article, it is current, modern and these are some of the reasons most Nigerian graduates are struggling. – Ayo Alex Alao. Despite lower salaries, more unpaid... Read More...
by Jobs & Scholarships in Nigeria on Mar 19, 2013

Internships – Socially Exclusive?

Are internships socially exclusive? Who has the ability to undertake an unpaid internship abroad and how does that limit others' opportunities to compete in the global market?Continue reading «Internships - Socially Exclusive?» Continue rea...
by The Traveling Scholar on Apr 26, 2012

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