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The bad deal with Iran

Obama and his administration have been so determined to push through a deal with Iran no matter the cost, and it's leading to a very bad situation: Republicans on Thursday ripped the emerging nuclear deal with Iran, and Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio)...
by Tel-Chai Nation on Apr 3, 2015

The disgrace at Fort Hood

A survivor of Nidal Hasan's bloodbath at Fort Hood gave an account of her experience in the Wall Street Journal, and how even now, the military/government's doing little or nothing to fully compensate the victims.
by Tel-Chai Nation on Mar 31, 2015

McCain tells Obama to stop whining about Israel

John McCain's been doing some proper conduct lately, like panning Code Pink, and also telling Obama to stop his bawling about Israel not voting the way he'd want: “There was a free and fair democratic election. The only nation in the region that w...
by Tel-Chai Nation on Mar 23, 2015

The problem with being Democrats first, Jewish second

Rep. Steve King is critical of Democrats who boycotted Netanyahu's speech to Congress: U.S. Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa) is slamming Democrats who skipped Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s speech before Congress earlier this month, saying he...
by Tel-Chai Nation on Mar 21, 2015

Obama seeks revenge on Israeli voters' rejection of his policies?

According to this Politico report (via Hot Air): Obama officials must now decide whether more international pressure on Israel can help bring a conservative Netanyahu-led government back to the negotiating table with the Palestinians — or whether...
by Tel-Chai Nation on Mar 19, 2015

One Voice still gets State Dept. funding

While the Likud's won the election, the Wash. Free Beacon says that One Voice, the group that tried to influence the Israeli election, still gets funding from the US government: A group that is working to influence the Israeli elections is currently...
by Tel-Chai Nation on Mar 18, 2015

Senate panel will probe potential Obama administration funding of efforts to unseat Netanyahu

An investigation is underway at Capitol Hill to see if Obama's been funding efforts to get rid of Netanyahu as prime minister: A US Senate investigatory committee has launched a probe into an American nonprofit’s funding of efforts to oust Prime M...
by Tel-Chai Nation on Mar 14, 2015

Netanyahu's Congress speech may have had influence

It looks like Netanyahu's speech had a positive effect after all, and that's what counts: Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Sunday that his speech to Congress may have influenced world powers seeking to sign a political framework dea...
by Tel-Chai Nation on Mar 9, 2015

Satmar keep up the hatred of Israel

We must now turn our focus to a fifth column keeping up their hostility to Israel. The Satmar gathered outside an Israeli consulate in NYC this week to protest Netanyahu's speech at Congress: Thousands of members of the Satmar Hasidic sect gathered...
by Tel-Chai Nation on Mar 5, 2015

The real worries

Steven J. Rosen pointed a short time ago to what everybody who was making a foolish fuss over Netanyahu's speech to Congress should really be worried about: The brouhaha over Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's March 3 speech to Congress is divertin...
by Tel-Chai Nation on Mar 4, 2015

Speech at Congress strengthens Israel-USA connections

Rabbi Dov Fischer says that Netanyahu's speech to Congress has helped strengthen ties between countries on both sides of the ocean. Incredibly, even the editor of an Arabic paper like Al-Arabiya sided with Netanyahu on this issue. Ari Soffer also sa...
by Tel-Chai Nation on Mar 3, 2015

Transcript of Netanyahu's speech to Congress

The Weekly Standard has the transcript of Benjamin Netanyahu's speech to Congress. I saw it televised, and it was very good. And it should make clear why electing Yitzhak Herzog would be very bad for Israel and the rest of the region.
by Tel-Chai Nation on Mar 3, 2015

Deep concern for all

Here's 3 tweets Netanyahu wrote as he's traveled to Washington to deliver his speech: I am leaving for Washington on a fateful, even historic mission. I am the emissary of all Israelis, even those who disagree with me. — בנימין נתניהו...
by Tel-Chai Nation on Mar 2, 2015

AIPAC thanks Congress

Bloomberg's reported that AIPAC thanks Congress for those who've defended Netanyahu's visit and speech: "Thank goodness for Congress!" said Howard Kohr, the CEO of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee. Applause filled the Washingt...
by Tel-Chai Nation on Mar 1, 2015

Donald Rumsfeld dismayed at Obama's inappropriate handling of Netanyahu

The former defense secretary has added his voice to Netanayhu's defenders: Less than a week before Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is scheduled to address a joint session of Congress, former U.S. Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld tells Israel Hayo...
by Tel-Chai Nation on Feb 27, 2015

The right time and place

Knesset speaker Yuli Edelstein wrote in defense of Netanyahu's speech to Congress next week in the LA Times: Imagine for a moment that your neighbor down the street was engaged in some basement science that could level your house and even kill you,...
by Tel-Chai Nation on Feb 27, 2015

West cannot abandon commitment to stopping a nuclear Iran

As some leftist sources continue to seek ways to undermine Netanyahu's government with smears like "Bottlegate" and even a potentially biased report about expensive housing, Netanyahu's spoken about how the west cannot forsake a dedication...
by Tel-Chai Nation on Feb 26, 2015

Joe Lieberman supports Netanyahu, and so does Rudy Giuliani

Senator Joe Lieberman's come out in defense of Netanyahu's speech to Congress for March 3, and so too has former NYC mayor Rudy Giuliani, who's said this week that unlike Obama, Netanyahu's fighting for Israel.
by Tel-Chai Nation on Feb 24, 2015

A toothless Iran sanctions bill

Daniel Pipes says a bill for sanctions against Iran won't work if it allows the president to waive its provisions: What's the point, one might ask, of the pro-sanctions side struggling so hard to attain a veto-proof majority when Obama can negate it...
by Tel-Chai Nation on Feb 20, 2015

Why Netanyahu is speaking to Congress

The New York Post has a transcript of Benjamin Netanyahu's conference with presidents of major Jewish organizations, explaining why he's going to speak to Capitol Hill next month.
by Tel-Chai Nation on Feb 19, 2015

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