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A Guest Room You Can Live In

Whether you’re expecting visitors or need to to escape a snoring cover thief, it’s important that your guest room is truly comfortable and inviting. In my case, it’s also important that it’s dog-approved. And she’s pick...
by Your home, only better. on Mar 27, 2016

My Real Life Home Office Decor Tour

I work hard like everyone else. I have a day job that I enjoy, and a blog that I love! Like many in my line of business, work environment is a huge part of my creative process.  Home office decor has fewer traditional design rules – it’...
by Your home, only better. on Feb 3, 2015

The Ten Most Common Decorating Mistakes

Recognizing the most common decorating mistakes and how to correct them, can turn a cramped and chaotic space into one that is organized and tranquil and can create a sense of order and balance. These invaluable lessons I learned from my teacher, me...
by Restyling Home by Kelly on Dec 17, 2014

A new living room for $660

A blank canvas – a long room with awkward traffic pattern from the foyer through to the dining room (back left of picture below). The challenges: $600-ish budget, so I mostly had to use the furniture I already had. Had to allow for flow to the dini...
by Your home, only better. on Mar 5, 2013

Seek and You Shall Find

Over the holidays I went into Pottery Barn and fell in love with the boxwood globes in planters that were displayed all over the store. I was thinking I was going to end up splurging and buy myself one as a gift from-me-to-me.  When I saw the price...
by In My Own Style on Jan 26, 2013

A Seasonal Room Update on a Budget

After 6 weeks in the new home, I’m a little surprised to note that everyone hangs out in the smallest, darkest room. While I have big plans for combining this small narrow family room with the kitchen (documented in the Kitchen and Family Room...
by Your home, only better. on Nov 14, 2012

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