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WikiLeaks cables: BP suffered blowout on Azerbaijan gas platform

Embassy cables reveal energy firm ‘fortunate’ to have evacuated workers safely after blast similar to Deepwater Horizon disaster Striking resemblances between BP’s Gulf of Mexico disaster and a little-reported giant gas leak in Azerbaijan exper...
by Wikileakscables on Dec 15, 2010

The United States instructed diplomats to spy on UN officials

In a direct contravention of the “no intelligence gathering” rules within the United Nations, a cable sent under the name of US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to diplomats in the UN orders them to target key individuals and collect personal a...
by Wikileakscables on Dec 14, 2010

publicly British Bank Governor Masterminded Global Bank Bailout

The governor of the Bank of England – Mervyn King, plotted a secret bailout of the international banking system using funds from the UK, US, Switzerland and Japan.  He was aiming to allow them to create a multibillion-pound cash injection...
by Wikileakscables on Dec 13, 2010

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