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Mincemeat Madeleines

These mincemeat Madeleines are a delicious, light alternative to mince pies; prepare the batter ahead, and you can produce fresh Madeleines in minutes Continue reading Mincemeat Madeleines at Fuss Free Flavours.
by Fuss Free Flavours on Dec 9, 2016

How to Make Perfect Vanilla French Sables Cookies

French Sables Cookies When my husband tasted these perfectly round vanilla french sables cookies, he said, “these are great, kind of a cross between a shortbread cookie and a sugar cookie.” Although the French would say a sable is a short...
by Spinach Tiger on Dec 1, 2016

Ginger, Vanilla and Quince Upside Down Cake from the book Alternative Baker

A recipe for a warm and inviting ginger, vanilla and quince upside down cake from the cookbook Alternative Baker by Alanna Taylor-Tobin. This post is a part of a series of cookbook posts that I’ll be running from now through December. I was not mon...
by Eat the Love on Nov 21, 2016

Delicious Cinnamon Roll Oatmeal (+ Easy Vegan Option)

Here’s a hearty and delicious breakfast recipe you’ll be happy to serve your family. This cinnamon roll-flavored oatmeal will keep the hunger pangs away until lunch, and it really hits the spot on a cold morning. If you like cinnamon roll...
by Blog on Aug 21, 2016

Bourbon Peach Jam with Vanilla Bean

Forget the old adage of ‘When life hand you lemons, make lemonade.’ This month I’m going with ‘When life hands you peaches, make this Bourbon Peach Jam with Vanilla Bean.’ And life has handed me a ton of peaches! Perfect...
by Creative Culinary on Aug 18, 2016

Everything You Need to Know About Using Vanilla Oil for Hair & Beauty Treatments

The orchids of the genus vanilla is used to produce vanilla flavouring. The vine consists of long, dark brown stringy pods from which vanilla beans are extracted. Vanilla is the second most expensive spice after saffron due to the amount of labour in...

Must Visit Coffee Place: Coffee Project!

There's gazillions of back logs that I should share with you, but I realized that this place is something I should prioritize. Not only because of the raves but it's really something worth a visit.Coffee Project is the newest coffee hub in the Metro...

Benih Sunflower Vanilla Ice

Sunflower jenis ini tinggi tanamannya bisa sampai 7 kaki. Tanaman ini memerlukan penyinaran mathaari penuh. Isi paket benih : 5 biji The post Benih Sunflower Vanilla Ice appeared first on Jual Benih Tanaman Murah.

Perfect Pound Cake

Perfect Pound Cake – Scrumptiously moist, soft and buttery pound cake that is infused with vanilla. Perfect on its own or topped with a sweet glaze! PIN IT FOR LATER! I love this pound cake. It’s so incredibly moist and buttery with a hi...
by Marsha's Baking Addiction on Jul 23, 2016

Vanilla and Chocolate Choctal Ice Cream Review

Taste tests are one of my favorite things to do: the scientist in me loves comparing and contrasting, quantifying the differences between similar items, finding my personal choice that I like best. Choctal Ice Cream thus appealed to me instantly. All...
by Dessert First on Jul 22, 2016

July 23 Vanilla Ice Cream Day

Vanilla Ice Cream Day is observed annually on July 23rd. In North America and Europe the most common use of vanilla flavoring is for ice cream, and many people consider it to be the "default" or "plain" flavor. Sales in ice cream parlors are more var...
by TodayDayInfo on Jul 22, 2016

Perfect Vanilla Cheesecake

Perfect Vanilla Cheesecake – Deliciously creamy vanilla cheesecake on top of a cinnamon spiced digestive biscuit crumb crust and topped with a sour cream topping! PIN IT FOR LATER! This is my third attempt at making a full-sized cheesecake, an...
by Marsha's Baking Addiction on Jul 17, 2016


  In 2016 AVON launched on the market FAR AWAY INFINITY - beautiful elixir with powerful notes of Marigold, Indian Jasmine Sambac and Vanilla.    In difference of its other "sisters", FAR AWAY INFINITY has colder character, has sense of so...


 June 21st is National Peaches and Cream Day. Now, most people would slice up a peach and pour some cream over it to celebrate but you know me, I add booze. Yeah, I sliced up some peaches and I added some cream in the form of half & half...
by The MARTINI DIVA™ on Jun 21, 2016

Perfect Vanilla Cupcakes

Perfect Vanilla Cupcakes – Scrumptiously moist and fluffy cupcakes infused with vanilla, and topped with creamy vanilla buttercream frosting! PIN IT FOR LATER! Today, I bring you my most favourite Vanilla Cupcake recipe! I love sharing my favo...
by Marsha's Baking Addiction on Jun 21, 2016

Blueberry Waffles with a Cinnamon Cream Cheese Frosting

There are certainly perks to living in southern Alabama… and to working in a small agricultural town. I have co-workers and customers who always have overloads of fresh produce that they need to get off… The post Blueberry Waffles with a...
by That Square Plate on Jun 21, 2016

June 20 Vanilla Milkshake Day

June 20 is Vanilla Milkshake Day, people happily celebrate this day annually. The first time the term “milkshake” was used in print was in 1885. The first milkshakes were not suitable for children, because the drinks contai...
by TodayDayInfo on Jun 19, 2016

NESCAFE Clasico Affogato – the Perfect Summer Pick Me Up

  Summer is here! School is out and I am already wondering how much longer until school is back in session. I love my babies, don’t get me wrong but trying to work from home while entertaining the troops can try even the most patient of so...
by My Sweet Sanity on Jun 17, 2016

Raspberry-Rhubarb Streusel Pie...a lesson in simplicity

As much as I promote the idea of simplicity in the foods that I make (for my classes, myself and my clients), every now and then I find that I have to learn this lesson all over again.  My goal is always to make foods that taste like themselves.
by A Cooking Life on Jun 13, 2016

Thierry Mugler A*Men Pure Tonka Cologne for 2016

Thierry Mugler A*Men Pure Tonka Eau de Toilette Review I'm a big fan of the oriental Thierry Mugler fragrances, especially the gorgeous A*Men range. Though marketed for the male-folk, I find this range so vanilla-ry delicious that I've made a li...
by Princess Livia's Beauty Blog on Jun 12, 2016

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