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Growing Your Own Vegetables Can Help You Save Money And Lead An Eco-Friendly Life

There are many benefits with regards to leading an eco-friendly life, the most important of which is the fact that it can help you reduce your carbon footprint and protect the environment. In addition, many steps that you can take towards being eco-f...
by My Green Living Ideas on Sep 1, 2016

5 Produce That Can Grow in Your Own Home

Some people consider their homes as their favourite place in the entire world. If you are one of them, you might want to make it an even better place by planting your own produce in......

How to Grow Asparagus or Yard Long Beans in Containers

My family loves these beans stir fried in little oil with onions, tomatoes and garlic. I highly recommend trying to grow these beans in your garden as they are very productive and resistant to pests. Asparagus beans are plants which produce slender,...
by California Gardening Blog on Aug 23, 2016

10 Vegetable Gardening Mistakes and How To Avoid Them

You toil in the hot sun for hours together hoping for a big yield but when you don’t see the rewards for the efforts you have put in, it can be quite frustrating. A lot of gardeners lose hope when things go wrong. In fact successfully growing veget...
by California Gardening Blog on Aug 2, 2016

How to control slugs and snails in your vegetable garden

Pest control is important in vegetable gardens to keep slugs, snails and hungry insects from feasting on your vegetables and fruits that you have toiled so hard to grow. Spraying your plants with pesticides that contain harsh toxins often leave chemi...
by California Gardening Blog on Jul 4, 2016

Vegetable Garden Design

  The post Vegetable Garden Design appeared first on Home Landscape Design.
by Model Rambut Terbaru on Jun 9, 2016

Beautiful And Unique Decorating Ideas Using Railroad Ties Landscaping To Beautify Your Yards

Railroad ties landscaping is a unique and beautiful way of decorating the exteriors of the home and the garden. Railroad ties are the rectangular wooden objects which are used as a base for railroad tracks. These ties are generally made of wood but s...
by Home Design Ideas on Jun 3, 2016

Container Gardening: How to Start a Vegetable Garden

Container gardening has become more popular as limited space and the versatility of growing indoors and outdoors has become main stream. No place to dig a garden? You can still grow your own vine-ripened tomatoes and other crops. All you need is a de...
by Stagetecture on May 19, 2016

Water Line to the Garden

Progress has been made on our quest to have a vegetable garden!  I’m so excited! We thought there was a water line going there, since there was a spigot next to the garden shed when we bought the house, but somewhere in the history of the the...
by A Farmhouse Reborn on Jan 3, 2016

Freshly Painted Garden Shed

The weather cooperated and last weekend David painted the garden shed!!!  It’s all done now, and I love how it ended up. The trim color is called “Tempered Sage” by valspar and we picked it out because, well, it was on the same pai...
by A Farmhouse Reborn on Dec 18, 2015

New Garden Shed Roof- Part 2

Lots of things have been happening in the past two months!  Where to begin… Okay, the garden shed.  Our goal last year was to get the garden shed in order so that we could put in a garden fence and then garden beds (and a chicken coop!) and t...
by A Farmhouse Reborn on Dec 10, 2015

Inspirational Interview – Fab 5 with A Fresh Legacy

Get the scoop on what's coming up for Kyrstie Barack from gardening blog A Fresh Legacy.
by vegeTARAian on Sep 4, 2015

A Place to Grow Vegetables All Winter Long

This project took my husband and I most of the day yesterday but it was fun to put together. We basically made a 3x3x3 foot cube cage to keep the cats away from our plants. The front panel is on hinges and opens so we can easily access the plants. Th...
by Fourth Floor Homestead on Aug 18, 2015

Reader Gardens. French, Flourishing, Happy and Pissy.

A couple of weeks ago I showed you my community garden and yesterday I showed you my front yard vegetable garden.  But today I have for you, your gardens. There won’t be a lot of writing with this post because […]...
by The Art of Doing Stuff on Aug 13, 2015

Front Yard Vegetable Garden.July, 2015

    Yeah, so the good part is over.  The side yard, where there are very few vegetables aside from a couple of potato plants and the massive rhubarb you can see in the foreground, is the most attractive part […]...
by The Art of Doing Stuff on Aug 11, 2015

Vegetable Garden Tips & Tricks.

  Welcome to my garden.  This post isn’t for you fancy people who buy your broccoli in the store like some sort of aristocrat.  It’s for the rest of us. The common folk who grow our own broccoli, realize it […]...
by The Art of Doing Stuff on Jul 19, 2015

How to Create an Indoor Vegetable Garden

  Have you ever wanted to create an indoor vegetable garden? I had never heard about this until I saw someone making one.  I think this is a great idea if you live in a small space or a place with no outdoor space. If you don’t have a lot...
by Living A Frugal Life on Jul 6, 2015

Using All Of The Technology Possible To Know When To Plant Vegetables

If you are thinking about starting some sort of garden and you would like to plant vegetables, then one of the most important things to do is to plan ahead of time so that you know the most likely scenarios which will lead to a successful crop. Even...
by Small Garden Ideas on Jun 23, 2015

Wordless Wednesday: Fresh Produce From The Garden

Yours truly with a bag filled with fresh produce from the humble vegetable garden of my dear friend.
by Mhar's Display on Jun 3, 2015

Book Review: The Postage Stamp Garden {Blogging for Books}

The Postage Stamp Vegetable Garden: Grow tons of organic vegetables in tiny spaces and containers by Karen Newcomb ISBN: 9781607746836 Paperback, 224 pages Publisher: Ten Speed Press Retail: $18.99 About the bookThis classic gardening bestseller (...
by North Laurel Home & School on May 12, 2015

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