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The Models of Vertical Garden that You Can Choice

Currently there are no land for the garden, you can choose a vertical garden. Just choose the kind that is like. It turns out that the vertical garden is not only one kind only. There are four methods that can be used to grow plants vertically in you...
by Home Garden Air on Dec 16, 2014

The Mystery Keeper Tomato.A tomato that stores for months.

It doesn’t matter where you live in North America, this has been the longest, hardest winter in memory. We’ve become familiar with new words and phrases like Polar Vortex, Frostquake and holy shit. That last one is reserved for when [R...
by The Art of Doing Stuff on Mar 11, 2014

Vegetable Garden Growing At Home

Great tasting vegetables, conveniently available right outside your door, grown organically and costing very little, the benefits of growing your own vegetables are certainly attractive. Many people have learned how to grow vegetables from their pare...
by Fix up This House on Feb 26, 2014

Make Your Own Seed Pots & Lavender

There's something deeply satisfying about working on the land, producing and enjoying its rewards on the table........ an amazing feeling of a job well done.  The joy of creating, and my love for it, is so important to me.   I am so lucky t...
by The Vintage Nest on Apr 2, 2013

What's happening in our Southern California vegetable garden in July!

Hello friends! After moving to the city of Irvine which has a pleasant Zone 9b growing climate, we were excited to start our vegetable growing experience. Here are the highlights of what the garden looks like in July! 1. Watermelons: The waterme...
by California Gardening Blog on Aug 16, 2011

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