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Raised Bed Vegetable Garden Install from Start to Finish

Learn how to set up your own raised bed vegetable garden from start to finish. Everything you need to know including building the raised bed , selecting the best soil , planting layout for your raised bed and more. Transform your backyard space into...
by How To Garden Video on Oct 11, 2012

How to Plant 11 Tomato Plants in a Square Foot Garden

  Planting 11 tomato plants into a raised bed square foot garden.  Learn the proper spacing to use when planting tomatoes. Learn the differences between determinate and indeterminate tomato plants. Also see how to use a  texas tomato cage whic...
by How To Garden Video on Oct 9, 2012

Basic Gardening Tips : How to Prepare Garden Beds for Winter

  Learn how to start and maintain your  garden. Great tips on how to prepare you garden beds for winter gardening. Get the most out of your gardens with these great tips and techniques.
by How To Garden Video on Oct 4, 2012

Kitchen Garden 2012 ~ Malabar Spinach

Malabar--June 2012Something new to my garden this year! Red Stemmed Malabar spinach (Basella alba 'Rubra'), also know as Ceylon spiach, Indian spinach, Vine spinach and Malabar nightshade, has no relation to common garden spinach and it isn't a membe...
by ...the garden-roof coop on Aug 21, 2012

How To Best Fertilize Vegetables

Vegetables will require a lot of careful fertilization during their initial growth period. Learn how to best fertilize vegetables with help from a garden teacher and expert in this free video clip.
by How To Garden Video on Aug 17, 2012

Examples Of Container Gardening, Raised Bed Garden, Vertical Tower Garden

John goes on a field trip to the Orange County Great Park to share with you many different examples of how they are showing you can grow food at home. In this episode, you will see many different examples of growing food in different ways, such as: A...
by How To Garden Video on Aug 7, 2012

Agri-cube Compact Hydroponic Unit Produces 10000 Vegetables Per Year

agri-cube compact hydroponic unit produces 10000 vegetables per year, in the space of a single car park.
by How To Garden Video on Aug 7, 2012

How To Garden: Starting A Vegetable Garden

Starting a vegetable garden can be easy! There are three simple steps you have to follow make sure your plants get enough sunlight, water, and that they have great soil quality!
by How To Garden Video on Aug 7, 2012

Kitchen Garden 2012 ~ Chinese Red Noodle Beans

Last season I tried the "green" version of this yard-long bean and I was thrilled with the results. The vines tolerate the heat, the blooms are beautiful and the beans are delicious. This year I added the red variety to the mix (Baker Creek Seeds) an...
by ...the garden-roof coop on Aug 6, 2012

How To Make A Trellis For Vegetable Garden

Making a trellis for your vegetable garden or climbing plants is easy to do. In this how to video, Eric shows you his plan for a DIY garden trellis that he uses in his vegetable garden, using found materials, scrap lumber.
by How To Garden Video on Aug 2, 2012

Gardening: Birds, Bees & Blueberries

The birds ate all but one of my blueberries last year. They are not getting any this year. Using PVC pipe I put up some inexpensive netting (not bird netting) that keeps the birds out and lets the bees in. Because I painted the PVC black it looks goo...
by How To Garden Video on Aug 2, 2012

How To Fill The Reservoir In Your Tower Garden

This video shows you how to fill the reservoir in your Tower Garden, a unique aeroponic vertical garden system that makes it easy to grow vegetables, tomatoes, herbs and lettuce in an urban garden, rooftop garden or patio garden. Once the reservoir i...
by How To Garden Video on Aug 2, 2012

The Benefits Of Growing Organic Vegetables

Aside from pretty obvious environmental concerns, growing organic vegetables in your own backyard also keeps your savings intact. There’s a certain pleasure to eating what you’ve worked hard for, and you don’t have to be a farmer in some far-of...
by Info and Tips for All Topic on Jul 29, 2012

Designing Your Herb Garden

Deciding on the right style for your herb garden depends largely on your individual needs. The many uses herbs can be put to can make this choice for you. There are culinary, medicinal, traditional, formal, aromatic and even informal layouts. You can...
by Info and Tips for All Topic on Jul 29, 2012

Best Planning For Your Garden

Fortunate is the individual who has the experience and know-ledge to know exactly that he wants in a garden;who has the opportunity of planning it from the start; and who has the funds to place in it all the plants and “fixtures” which he has dec...
by Info and Tips for All Topic on Jul 28, 2012

Vegetable Gardening Tips: How To Grow Potatoes

Thөre is several vegetable gardening tips that you will wаnt tο learn about, bυt one thаt іs reаlly eаsy to follow and νery helpfυl іs lөarning how tο grow potаtoes. give its, just for you Potatoeѕ cаn be grown easily and wi...
by Info and Tips for All Topic on Jul 26, 2012

Learn How To Grow Tomatoes

When іt comөs to fіnding gardening advice, yοu аre sure tο welcome all the hөlp thаt yοu can get. give you tһe right gardening advice will in fact help you tο grοw juicіer and better flavored vegetables and іt will аlso helр...
by Info and Tips for All Topic on Jul 26, 2012

Organic Gardening Products

On of the main problems expeгienced by moѕt gardeners iѕ the fact that most of tһe gardening products avаiled to tһem causө allergiөs or in thө long гun, сan be hаrmful to their health. Aѕ sucһ, many of them have sought а sοlution tha...
by Info and Tips for All Topic on Jul 26, 2012

Natural Food and Natural Health Through Organic Vegetable Gardening Tips

Sinсe the 1930s, organiс farming haѕ beөn growing іn populаrity. Why? Genetic modifications might yiөld greateг numbers of сrops, but they arө leѕs nutritional and requiгe all types of fertilizөrs and pesticides tο grow, raising the рr...
by Info and Tips for All Topic on Jul 25, 2012

Kitchen Garden 2012 ~ Garlic and Basil...

2012 - the year I finally accomplished my goal (or dream) of a kitchen garden... Actually my intention was for my vegetable garden to be as visually appealing as it is productive and I think I've accomplished that goal! A kitchen garden or...
by ...the garden-roof coop on Jul 10, 2012

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