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Recipe: Easy Beetroot & Hazelnut Mincemeat

You might think it is fairly late in the day to start making your own homemade mincemeat, but look carefully at the recipe details below…. cook time = 0 mins, prep time = 10 mins, (and even that is a generous estimate, I’m sure you could...
by The Veg Space on Dec 19, 2016

More Goodies at Cole’s Fine Foods

Here’s a round-up of some more of the delicious menu that you’ll find at Cole’s Fine Foods. Don’t mind if the photos don’t exactly match the specific items. I’m a little disorganized at the moment! Trust me, itR...
by Gluten-Free Gusto on Dec 18, 2016

Christmas Dinner Recipe: Orange & Maple Carrots

Here’s the final recipe in this four-part series for an easy-peasy prep-ahead Vegetarian & Vegan Christmas Dinner.  There are still a few more festive treats to come next week, but this completes the main course ideas! Carrots just have to...
by The Veg Space on Dec 18, 2016

Mutton Kheema or Minced mutton curry

It has been around more than a month that I had fish last. I did not buy any and cleaned out my freezer just before my trip to the Big Apple. Neither did I buy or make any mutton ... which I eat very little anyway. So I was practically on a little ch...
by Kichu Khon on Dec 18, 2016

Head Westville Young Man for Healthy Eats in NYC!

I’m a busy man lately. Been running all around Manhattan performing errands, getting some dreaded Christmas shopping done, dropping off a few coats for charity, and also squeezing in some much-needed fun time with my friends. NYC is a magical &...
by The Regular Guy NYC on Dec 17, 2016

Christmas Dinner Recipe: Ginger & Sesame Brussels Sprouts

You can’t have Christmas Dinner without a bowl of sprouts, but let’s face it, when boiled and soggy they really do live up to Nigel Slater’s scathing description: “Why are you even thinking of buying a bag of pungent, watery balls...
by The Veg Space on Dec 16, 2016

Christmas Dinner Recipe: Garlic & Rosemary Roast Potatoes

Here’s the second in the recipe series for the easy, prep-ahead Veggie & Vegan Christmas Dinner.  Today, we’re looking at arguably the most important part of any festive feast, the roast potatoes. There’s nothing fancy or high-...
by The Veg Space on Dec 14, 2016

How To Make Muah Chee (Glutinous Rice Snack With Peanut And Sugar)

This is a traditional-style Muah Chee or Glutinous Rice Snack With Peanut & Sugar. It's a popular Chinese snack. The rice was soaked for a day, steamed and pounded, or in this case with a help of a mixer. The texture of the dough is smooth, elast...
by seasaltwithfood on Dec 13, 2016

Moong dal cooked with fresh, seasonal vegetables

"Tumi ki ekhono eka bikele, anmoney, amake bhabo ..." It is almost quarter past one in the night and that is Rupankar singing on shuffle mode into my ears. There is a quiet all over ... the winter night has settled inside different colou...
by Kichu Khon on Dec 12, 2016

Christmas Dinner Recipe: Porcini & Chestnut Mini Wreath Roasts

I’ve yet to meet anyone who actually wants to spend their whole Christmas morning faffing about in the kitchen, so to take the stress out of festive cooking, I’ve put together an easy, prep-ahead Christmas Dinner menu which is both vegeta...
by The Veg Space on Dec 12, 2016


What gives me utmost pleasure wherein blogging is concerned? My answer is compiling dishes that I have grown up eating, dishes for which I do not have to browse Google, dishes whose taste lingers on  till date, dishes which has my mother's touch...
by CURRY AND SPICE on Dec 12, 2016

Cashew Curry Hummus + Weekly Menu

If I had to describe the attractions in our area of southwest Michigan, I would say the beaches, sand dunes, breweries, and wineries. It certainly isn’t the fine dining or shopping that have people coming or staying, that’s for sure. I have t...
by Prevention RD on Dec 11, 2016

Palak Paneer Recipe, Palak paneer restaurant style

Palak paneer recipe with step by step pictures     Palak paneer recipe is a rich, thick and creamy spinach gravy with soaked soft paneer cubes. I love to make spinach recipes at home because they are very nutritious and healthy yet so delicious.
by Rachna's Kitchen on Dec 11, 2016

Got Nut Milk?

Coming up in Texas it was programmed into us that unless we drink cow’s milk, we will not grow tall, our teeth would crack and fall out, and our bones would all break. Everyone I was ever exposed to as a child believed the same thing and drank...
by Nutritional Truths on Dec 11, 2016

Kadai Paneer Recipe Restaurant Style

Kadai Paneer Recipe is one of the most famous paneer recipes, made using tangy juicy tomatoes melted to form a curry sauce that coats bellpeppers and Paneer. The post Kadai Paneer Recipe Restaurant Style appeared first on Rachna's Kitchen.
by Rachna's Kitchen on Dec 10, 2016

Holiday Wreath Cheese Plates

Beautiful ideas for creating holiday wreath cheese and veggie platters. Last week one of my girlfriends sent me a text asking, "Hey, can I come over for a glass of wine this week?" You know you have a good friend when she invites herself over fo...
by Yummy Mummy Kitchen on Dec 9, 2016

Recipe: The Ultimate Vegan Christmas Cake (Part 2)

What a brilliant response there has been to ‘Part 1‘ of this post – a recipe for the ‘Ultimate Vegan Christmas Cake‘.  It seems that quite a few of you have made the cake, and have been eagerly awaiting instructions on...
by The Veg Space on Dec 8, 2016

Paleo Lemon Coconut Balls

Paleo lemon coconut balls? Yes, please! Lemon + coconut plus done in less than 30 minutes? Oh, yeah! I am not a huge chocolate dessert person. I mean, it’s yummy. But if I get to choose, I prefer citrusy desserts. I love lemon bars, but I don&#...
by Veggie Converter 365 on Dec 8, 2016


Its almost weekend, we are again threesome from twosome.... so everything seems happy happy. From an almost no cooking mode to moderate cooking is the present scenario at home. The quiet mom with a quieter son was living a quiet life, missing someone...
by CURRY AND SPICE on Dec 8, 2016

Bounce and Protein Ball Co. Mini Protein Balls Review

I recently reviewed protein balls by Bounce and Deliciously Ella. However, if like me you decided they were just too high in calories (and price), you may be interested in these mini versions.Bounce now make Protein Energy Bites which are sold in 90g...
by Diets and Calories on Dec 7, 2016

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