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Double Chocolate Donuts + Weekly Menu

I’m going to try to complete a productive day at home…while staying in my pajamas all day. Yep, yep, yep. For the record, “at home” does involve plenty of outside time…sorry, neighbors! Sometimes we need those days, right? If yo...
by Prevention RD on Aug 21, 2016

Parents Get Your Sleep Routine Back on Schedule with Natrol Melatonin

  August seems to be the month of back-to-school for most students in the United States and after months of the kids being home most parents happily look forward to the start of school. The only problem is that schedules most of the time have go...
by My Sweet Sanity on Aug 20, 2016


This  fish loving Bong has not blogged on a fish dish for quite sometime. As said before, we do not get the fish varieties we grew up eating at this place. To be precise, we do get them all but frozen. Hence, I do not find any reason to compromi...
by CURRY AND SPICE on Aug 18, 2016

Grilled Aubergine and Courgette Rolls with Ricotta Filling

Grilled Aubergine and Courgette Rolls filled with a mixture of cheese, sun-dried tomatoes, lemon, and basil are ideal as a summer vegetarian appetizer. Courgette and Aubergine, used a lot especially… Příspěvek Grilled Aubergine and Courgette...
by 1001 Voyages Gourmands on Aug 18, 2016

Mutter paneer recipe with khoya

Mutter paneer recipe with khoya   Mutter paneer recipe with khoya is one of the most popular dish in North Indian cuisine. Khoya matar paneer is very easy to cook and perfect for those who like creamy and buttery dishes. Don’t worry about the...
by Rachna's Kitchen on Aug 17, 2016

Apple, Blueberry, Bean, Cucumber Salad with Feta Cheese 苹果蓝莓黄瓜杂豆沙拉

This summer, I made more salads than any other last summer(s). Not because it was unusually hot (it is always hot in summer); but because I was unusually "lazy" - looking for ways to make quick and easy meals out of salads.  The type of salad wh...
by teczcape - an escape to food on Aug 16, 2016


Homemade Indian breads are a hot favourite at my home. Any day my men would prefer breads over rice. Our family hails from the eastern part of undivided Bengal. Hence, many years back we had been ardent rice eaters. This old lady had rice thrice a da...
by CURRY AND SPICE on Aug 15, 2016

Zucchini Waffles + Weekly Menu

Weekly menu planning is getting progressively more challenging by the week. While I was able to pickle all of our pickling cucumbers, we’re about to be inundated with TONS of tomatoes and butternut squash. Kind of like how we’re just wrap...
by Prevention RD on Aug 14, 2016

Quorn™ Meat Free Mini Quiche Lorraines

These mini quiche Lorraines are meat free and made with Quorn™ bacon. They are deliciously perfect for picnics and packed lunches and the whole family will enjoy them. Continue reading Quorn™ Meat Free Mini Quiche Lorraines at Fuss Free Flavours.
by Fuss Free Flavours on Aug 12, 2016

On Balsamic Vinegar, Proscuitto and Why Foodie Friends are Just the Best

There’s what you think is Balsamic vinegar, and then there’s this stuff. Quartro Centenario Aceto Basilica, a limited edition, 15 year old Balsamic made by the Giusti family in Modena, Italy to celebrate 4 centuries running the oldest...
by The Blog that Ate Manhattan on Aug 10, 2016

Potato & Black Bean Salad with an Avocado and Sweetcorn Salsa

You will love this easy healthy potato salad with a south American twist of added black beans, lime & coriander, served with an avocado and sweetcorn salsa Continue reading Potato & Black Bean Salad with an Avocado and Sweetcorn Salsa at Fu...
by Fuss Free Flavours on Aug 10, 2016

Quick and Easy: Spicy Summer Eggplant Poriyal A Simple Vegan Lunch.

     Our garden here in Sonoma is bursting at the seams with all the stuff we planted earlier in the year. I am starting to get overwhelmed with eggplants. I suppose that's what happens when one plants 4 different varieties of the...
by The Colors Of Indian Cooking on Aug 9, 2016

Want to Start be Vegetarian? Don't Extreme! Follow This Tips

Intends to adopt a vegetarian diet? There are several steps that should be performed. If carried to its extreme, there is the possibility of the body can be 'shocked' to change your diet. How extreme is meant is to directly consume only vegetable fo...
by Healthy Tips on Aug 8, 2016


Any kind of fries / fritters / pakoras are a favourite at home as a tea time snacks or with lentil stew and rice. Both ways it rocks. If I prepare pakoras everyday, they will have it everyday, specially the junior. Considering the health factor, I pr...
by CURRY AND SPICE on Aug 8, 2016

27 Vegetarian Slow Cooker Recipes

I love to use my slow cooker. It’s so easy to toss in a few ingredients, and come back later to a fully-cooked meal! I use it in the summer to avoid heating  up the house with the regular oven too.  There are lots of recipes online for slow c...
by Blog on Aug 6, 2016

Mutton fry ... sweet, sour, spicy .... ( the way I make and like it )

August is not a very good month for me. Has never been. I had not noticed it earlier; but now I have numerous reasons to wish from the bottom of my heart to dislike it with a passion. How I wish I could delete August from the calendar forever.  I...
by Kichu Khon on Aug 5, 2016

Moroccan Carrot Salad Recipe

Moroccan cuisine is rich in flavor and taste. The preserved ingredients like lemons, olives and carrots add a shine to the recipes with the unique mediterranean taste. The salads and side dishes play a huge role in Moroccan food. Moroccan salads are...
by So Moroccan on Aug 4, 2016

Teriyaki Tofu With Mangetout Recipe

This Teriyaki Tofu With Mangetout is bursting with flavour yet quick and easy to make so it's perfect for busy mamas like myself. I was also surprised at how much the boys enjoyed tofu! Even my little fussy eater Oliver.
by Honest Mum on Aug 4, 2016

Makan Sehat di Burgreens

Belakangan ini gaya hidup sehatnya tampaknya sedang menjadi topik pembicaraan yang menarik. Saya tentunya juga gak mau ketinggalan, mengingat usia yang tak bisa lagi dibilang remaja dan hasil medical check up yang kurang memuaskan, mau gak mau saya h...
by males mandi on Aug 4, 2016


In tune with my wishes to compile a series of my family recipes that are essentially Bengali, I thought of presenting this dish of snake gourd with small prawns today. This is common with both sides of my family. There is both vegetarian and non-vege...
by CURRY AND SPICE on Aug 3, 2016

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