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Financial Assistance for Bills

When you're looking for some financial help for bills, it is important to know which bills that you want to pay. As expected, there are help available from various sources. It is a commonly known that these assistances are only available f&#...
by Start Grants on Aug 20, 2015

Financial Assistance for Veterinary Care

As a pet owner, I am sure that you have done your best to keep your pet healthy. However, sometimes bad things happen and you have to deal with expensive cost of vet care for your pet. It is often that the expenses are beyond the financial capability...
by Start Grants on May 31, 2015

Please help Maisy, of the Reactive Champion

(picture from Maisy's fundraising page) Maisy, of Reactive Champion is in the ICU. They're not really sure what's wrong with her, and suspect perhaps a bacterial infection or tick borne illness. She's been displaying pain in her...
by The Elka Almanac on Sep 10, 2013

Interesting piece in the Daily Mail about Pet Insurance

Quite a good piece in the Daily mail today about the pitfalls of Pet Insurance and some horror stories of what people have had to go through to get there pets vet bills paid
by Its a Blog ! Not a Log ! on Jul 3, 2013

Seriously Consider Pet Insurance, and I Mean SERIOUSLY.

For my next dog, pet insurance is a must.  I had pet insurance on Bosley, but then decided to let it go as I considered it an "unnecessary expense". Holy cow. In retrospect, I shouldn't have let it go.  Next dog - pet insurance is number on...
by Life with a Hearing Dog on Apr 6, 2013

Keep Your Pet Healthy and Your Vet Bills Down

  One of our Shih Tzu’s, “Bookah”, is going into surgery next week to remove some of his bad teeth. He also seems to have a slipped disk in his neck that is causing him some back pain but right now we are controlling that with...
by The Mom and Paw Shop Blog on Jan 27, 2012

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