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General Requirement For Motor Installation

1951713082 Electric motor is the common application equipment in domestic or industry.If we have a knowledge and good guideline how to selected and install with proper way,It’s can smooth our installation project progress without any problem. M...
by Electrical Engineering Centre on Aug 22, 2013

General Requirement For Motor Starter

When we plan to install new motor starter,we need to consider a few requirement that we want to apply to get a best design,tidy and easy to troubleshooting if have any problem. Normally motor starter component includes a drive (VFD),electrical wiring...
by Electrical Engineering Centre on Aug 20, 2013

method for braking electric motor

Last time i already made a post about braking system for electric motor.It about a introduction for braking system for electric motor. This time i want share some information about two common method that used around the world for braking electric mot...
by Electrical Engineering Centre on Aug 17, 2011

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