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Conan O’Brien will be in Halo 4, chats with 343 Industries

Conan O’Brien, the red-headed late-night talk show sex symbol and badass, will be in 343 Industries’ upcoming Halo 4, and he recently chatted with the team’s franchise director Frank O’Connor and the awesomely-named executive producer Kiki Wo...
by Gamerai on Apr 18, 2012

Bebe nace con 6 Pienas (Impactante)

by Barrioaldia on Apr 16, 2012

VIDEO – El Batallon a casa llena en “Pure Disco” en Puerto Plata!!!

by Barrioaldia on Feb 18, 2012

Dj Topo se mete a brujo & le lee la taza a Charlie Valens (jajajaja)

by Barrioaldia on Feb 8, 2012

Mozart “La Para” dice: que es el unico artista urbano en viajar a colombia & primero a europa

by Barrioaldia on Feb 7, 2012

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