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Leadership a - z : V is for Vision

Creating a shared vision in your team is part of the foundation of any high-performing team. What is the vision for your team? "There is no more powerful engine driving an organization toward excellence and long-range success than an attractive, wort...
by The BizToolkit Blog on Feb 11, 2014

Home Organizing Project {Week 3} – The Schedule

We have worked on our kitchens, pantries, meal plans and command center through the challenge.  This week I thought we can step away from the hard work and do a little brain-storming.  I always include this as part of the organizing sessions with m...
by Renew Your Space on Aug 31, 2013

Is Social Media a Spiritual Endeavor?

Is Social Media a Spiritual Endeavor? Recently it was shared with me that the time spent on social media is anything but spiritual.  They went on and said it may be fun perhaps, marketing or... A contemporary Medicine Woman walking a shaman...
by Shaman Medicine Woman on Feb 22, 2013

Lady Gaga & Whitney Houston: Born This Way

Visioning your future.  Imagining yourself talking to your heroes.  GaGa dropped some serious knowledge for gaining success on the world.  Did you hear it, or did you get caught up in the hype? Hey Reigndrops, As a black, gay, Air Force Captain wh...

A Prayer For Visioning

Eternal Father, through the resurrection of Jesus the good news of Your love has touched the world. By our baptism we are reborn as your Children of Light. Through the work of Your Spirit the glory of Your new creation continues to unfold. Watch ove...
by Collection Of Catholic Prayers on Aug 16, 2010

The Power of Visioning

I wanted to share this story of the power of visioning and that Spirit does provide - just not always in our time lines and not always in the way we think it should.
by Destiny Changes on Aug 13, 2010

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