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Raw Chocolate Tartlets and Raw Cacao Supergreen Spirulina Balls

I’ve been making a few raw desserts and snacks lately, trying to find the perfect crust and small morsels of healthy snacks to nibble on when working. A cup of tea (nearly) always needs to be accompanied by something and a healthy little t...
by Nutritious Deliciousness on Jul 30, 2016

Bad Dweams and Double-Trouble With Asian Massage Parlours: A Tuesday in May

So I have this kind of active imagination.Since I have a picture, I know I did not imagine this:Lionhead Rabbit Convention: let the judging beginNo, I'm not going to explain this photo. You have to interpret it on your own. Just know that it took a f...
by Pooping With The Door Open on May 11, 2011

Does A.C. Slater Sit Backwards On The Toilet?

spare a square, Mr. B?Test results are inconclusive. But Mario Lopez has aerobics instructor levels of spandex photos floating around on the internets, just waitin' to be downloaded by some retro, '80s-loving pervert/blogger with perpetual boredom/no...
by Pooping With The Door Open on Mar 8, 2011

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