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raising my ebenezer

Before the arrival of each baby I have gone into a season of mourning. Great upheaval justifies such. From newlyweds to never-alones. From party-of-three to a de-throned first-born. From ‘the boys’ to a practical herd of babies. Each time...
by O My Family on Mar 20, 2014

in a quiet moment this morning

I am by no means good at having a quiet time everyday. Many days the extent of “me time” I get before 4pm is pressing BREW on the keurig. But eeeeeevery once in a while the boys will be playing quietly in the playroom and I will sneak ove...
by O My Family on Jan 10, 2013

my one word for 2013

I have had a rocky relationship with the one word for a year movement. For those unfamiliar, it is the notion of selecting a theme for the year ahead, often in lieu of a formal resolution. Two years ago I was pregnant with OBrother and was looking a...
by O My Family on Jan 3, 2013

desperate need

I’m reading this book. It’s about an 18-year-old girl who left her comfortable American life to go live in Uganda and love on orphans with Christ’s love. It’s totally messing me up, y’all. :: :: :: Kisses from Katie by Katie Davis :: :: ::...
by O My Family on Dec 17, 2012

grace-filled budgeting

{image credit} I’ve heard a lot lately about how certain financial advisors, specifically Christian financial advisors, ok, specifically Dave Ramsey, can enslave people with fear and guilt and legalism rather than free them through hope and enc...
by O My Family on Aug 3, 2012

playing the grace card

In the last few weeks we have found a new way to get through to OBoy about bedtime and the rules thereof. The punishment route was just not working. He continued to get out of bed and break other rules around bedtime in the face of consequences. Then...
by O My Family on Jun 25, 2012

I want to miss it all

The boys wrestling with their daddy on the rug. The “hold my hand, Mommy” as we go down stairs every morning. The way my oldest whispers to his baby brother as they fall asleep at night. The “Mamamamama” jabber as the baby rea...
by O My Family on Apr 23, 2012

Men And Women In Church

So, what do you think? Is this one of those passages that would be easier to skip, or what?
by Laboring In The Lord on Apr 12, 2012

God doesn’t want me to be skinny.

He wants me to be His. He wants me to love him more than anything else on earth (even girl scout cookies). He wants my attention. He wants me to love what he has given me (even my generous hind parts). He wants me to care for what he has given me. He...
by O My Family on Apr 6, 2012

peeled back

Friends, I pulled up so much old flooring this weekend that I can hardly see straight. There was the faux wood that the most recent owners had put down (which, hi. Why would you put down fake wood next to real, beautiful original wood? You’re n...
by O My Family on Apr 2, 2012

most unexpectedly

Good morning! Welcome to the table. Won’t you sit and sip some chai with me? Today I’m hosting part of the Gathered Thoughts Link Party for my lovely friends at Love Feast Table. Here is my ‘gathered thought’ prompt: most unex...
by O My Family on Mar 19, 2012

a breakthrough

I have been scared, friends. Nervous, anxious, panicky, scared. This week I will be flying to Nashville for 5 days of BlissDom, an awesome social media conference… with my 9 month old baby boy. When I bought my ticket and flights, I felt brave...
by O My Family on Feb 19, 2012

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