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Confederate Memorial Day

My college friend and my wife's cousin, Bill Heuble wrote the following note to his child's school teacher in Greenville, SC, a few years ago. We share it here with Bill's permission for today, Confederate Memorial Day in North and South Carolina, th...
by Sunday in the South on May 10, 2016

The economy in post-War Laurens County, SC

Map of South Carolina highlighting Laurens County (Photo credit: Wikipedia)ECONOMICS AND GENERALITIES AT WAR'S ENDLet’s begin by looking at the realities of Laurens County’s economy and generalities of life at the end of the War for Southern Inde...
by Sunday in the South on Dec 10, 2014

Descendant of Black Confederate Soldier speaks

Seven minute documentary featuring Nelson W. Winbush, a descendant of black Confederate soldier Luis Napoleon Nelson who fought under Nathan Bedford Forest.
by Sunday in the South on Jul 31, 2013

The Departure of Secesh Women for Richmond

150 years ago this past week: "One day last week the steamer New York took 450 women and children from Washington to the realms of Secessia. They all had, or claimed to have, friends or relatives in Jeff Davis’s kingdom, and were sent South at G...
by Sunday in the South on Jan 19, 2013

Joshua 3-4 - Heading into an Uncertain Year

Israel crosses the Jordan RiverHappy New Year! I think. We are already seeing a new year that might not be so happy. On January 1, regardless of the outcome of fiscal cliff negotiations, Americans were hit with twenty new or higher taxes, five of the...
by Sunday in the South on Jan 6, 2013

Flag of Gaston Blues, Co. H, 37th NCST

The flag of the Gaston (NC) Blues, Co. H, 37th NC State TroopsThe Gaston (County) Blues mustered into Confederate service as Company H, 37th North Carolina Infantry, forming a part of Lane's North...
by Sunday in the South on Jan 5, 2013

Stonewall Jackson: "War is the greatest of evils"

T.J. Stonewall Jackson, 1862“War is the greatest of evils.” --- Stonewall Jackson to Jedediah Hotchkiss about December 21, 1862. Hotchkiss later wrote, “At night had a [long] talk with the General [Stonewall Jackson], at his quarters, es...
by Sunday in the South on Dec 21, 2012

Was Lincoln's war a just war?

A lot of US civil war anniversaries are coming round and apparently this is a good reason to write books and TV shows about it. One thing I have never understood, as a foreigner, is why the war was worth fighting from the Unionist side. What was so g...
by Screeds and Quibbles on Oct 19, 2012

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