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A plot to spring a terrorist has been thwarted

The authorities have arrested more members of a Hamas cell that wanted to free a jihadist now serving a life sentence: A Hamas terror cell plotting shooting and abduction attacks was uncovered this week in a joint ISA, IDF and Border Police operation...
by Tel-Chai Nation on Dec 9, 2016

Stabbing attack prevented at Tapuach junction

Another jihad knifing was thankfully stopped: Israeli security forces foiled a terrorist attack at Tapuach Junction in Samaria on Thursday morning. According to available details, a Palestinian youth who arrived at the junction by bus approached bo...
by Tel-Chai Nation on Dec 8, 2016

Muslim arsonists caught in the act

3 days ago, a pair of jihad arsonists were arrested while plying their evil trade: Two Arab arsonists were captured on Tuesday while they were lighting fires next to the Atarot industrial zone in northern Jerusalem. Border Police officers operating...
by Tel-Chai Nation on Dec 2, 2016

Naomi Ragen says no to Hilary Clinton

Naomi Ragen explains why she's voting for Donald Trump, and reminds us of Clinton's own accountabilities when she was secretary of state. She's one writer who's recognizing reality for what it is.
by Tel-Chai Nation on Sep 4, 2016

A rabbi who defends the burkini ban

A rabbi in France has ideally defended banning burkinis from French beaches: A senior Paris rabbi defended a string of controversial municipal bans in France on wearing the full-body swimsuit known as a burkini in public. Moshe Sebbag of the Grand...
by Tel-Chai Nation on Aug 28, 2016

New rocket attack hits Sderot

After some time minus the rocket attacks from Gaza, another one's struck Sderot. The army struck back, but there's your proof that so long as Islam is around, so too will be the potential rocket attacks.
by Tel-Chai Nation on Aug 21, 2016

France's ban on burkinis is justified

More violence cropped up this week in France and Corsica, this time involving burkini wearers who, along with their male masters, led to a riot, and so several towns are now banning them from public beaches: The French government has defended munici...
by Tel-Chai Nation on Aug 18, 2016

Canadian jihadist killed before he could prepare attack

The Canadian authorities have killed a terrorist who associated with ISIS before he could've carried out a more serious attack: A Canadian man previously banned from associating with Islamic State extremists prepared a martyrdom video and was about...
by Tel-Chai Nation on Aug 12, 2016

Machete wielding Muslim attacks 2 policewomen in Belgium

Another machete attack took place, this time in a Belgian city: Two female officers were attacked and wounded by a man wielding a machete and shouting “Allahu Akhbar” outside the main police station in the Belgian city of Charleroi on Saturday,...
by Tel-Chai Nation on Aug 6, 2016

If French government really wants to stop funding for mosques, they shouldn't object to Israel doing the same

After the latest terrorist attacks in France, they may be barring foreign funding for mosques: Following a wave of terrorist attacks in France, French Prime Minister Manuel Valls is considering prohibiting foreign funding for mosques in the country...
by Tel-Chai Nation on Jul 31, 2016

Terrorists from ISIS murder priest in Normandy

A jihad attack took place at a church in Rouen, in the French province of Normandy, and cost the life of a priest, who may have been graphically murdered. The two jihadists who committed the crime were shot dead, but the tragic loss of innocent life...
by Tel-Chai Nation on Jul 26, 2016

France has to toughen its approach to fighting jihad, and be convincing

Boaz Bizmuth wrote about why it's crucial to lead concrete policies on opposing terrorism: France did not really want to believe that it was at war. Human rights groups were quick to say that a state of emergency was a breach of human rights. As tho...
by Tel-Chai Nation on Jul 19, 2016

YouTube: Sounds Like Silence

'One thing of late is that many Muslims are trying to silence us in all manner of ways, some by physical harm, others by influencing editorial standards in mainstream media, others by attacking social media commentary and opposing free speech.. this...
by The Political Commentator on Jul 18, 2016

Terrorist attack thwarted in downtown Jerusalem

Thanks to the observance of an alert security guard, a potential terrorist attack was stopped: A terrorist attack on the Jerusalem light rail was thwarted Sunday morning, thanks to an observant security guard. The guard spotted a Palestinian youth...
by Tel-Chai Nation on Jul 17, 2016

France has to extend their emergency state

The Weekly Standard says that France is extending its state of emergency as more jihadism struck on the week of Bastille Day: This week was supposed to be the beginning of a slow return to normalcy. After voting to extend its state of emergency thre...
by Tel-Chai Nation on Jul 16, 2016

Former CIA Deputy Director Warns After Nice: ‘I Think It’s Just A Matter Of Time Before We See Attacks Of This Size Here In The United States’

Here’s a worrisome prediction from a former top “spook” about future terror attacks carried out by Muslim extremists. Former CIA deputy director and current CBS News senior security contributor Michael Morell warned viewers on CBS This Morning...
by Survival And Prosperity on Jul 15, 2016

Jewish world extends condolences to and solidarity with France following massacre on Bastille Day

Following the mass murder by a Tunisian jihadist in Nice, France, the Jewish world is also expressing solidarity with the victims: Still shocked and horrified by the senseless carnage that took place in Nice, France late Thursday evening, the Jewish...
by Tel-Chai Nation on Jul 15, 2016

Islamic State In 2014: ‘Single Out The Disbelieving American, Frenchman… Run Him Over With Your Car’

Tonight I’ve been following the Bastille Day slaughter that took place in Nice, France. While the mainstream media is still calling it a “truck attack,” should the carnage eventually be found to be the work of jihadists, keep in mind a Survival...
by Survival And Prosperity on Jul 15, 2016

The shoe smuggler

A Hamas terrorist was arrested for trying to smuggle funding to the jihadists in his shoes: One of two Hamas agents who were named last week by the Shin Bet (Israel Security Agency) for smuggling around 10,000 euros in his shoes was indicted in the...
by Tel-Chai Nation on Jul 10, 2016

Knifing attack thwarted

A Muslim woman tried to stab 2 IDF soldiers, but was shot before she could cause harm: A knife-wielding female Palestinian terrorist was shot at a bus stop near Ariel in Samaria on Tuesday afternoon as she tried to stab two IDF soldiers who were sta...
by Tel-Chai Nation on Jul 7, 2016

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