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Doraemon Water Melon

Bahan Kaos Lingkar Dada 80-94 cm Panjang 65 cm NB : Kemiripan asli dengan di gambar kurang lebih 95% Jangan disikat sewaktu mencuci Jangan dicuci degan mesin cuci, agar pakaian lebih awet...
by Liana Shop on Oct 28, 2013

Hookah smoking

Hookah smoking has many of the health risks of cigarette smoking despite the delivery of the addictive drug, nicotine, in a different way. HOOKAHS are metal or glass water pipe devices used in smoking tobacco. It has several names, including …...

Watermelon Fest of Italy

by SNAP on Feb 11, 2013

Rubber bands vs Water Melon - The Slow Mo Guys

Gav and Dan forgot to bring a knife to the picnic. Thankfully they brought 500 elastic bands. Shot at 1600fps with a Phantom Flex.
by Namaste! on Jan 17, 2013

Shoplogje 23-7-2012

Zoals jullie gisteren hebben kunnen lezen heb ik een heel erg mazzeltje gehad met de actie van de geur Aliën van Thierry Mugler die op dit moment loopt. Maar, uiteraard, was dat niet het enige wat ik heb gekocht. Ik … Continue reading →...
by Nails and Lifestyle on Nov 25, 2012

Totally Diet To Absent Hair Loss

Totally Diet To Absent Hair Loss We will discuss perfect diet to prevent hair loss. There are various reasons for hair loss such as anemia, thyroid disease and deficiency of vitamins.... Read more »...
by gossipfunsouls on Jul 11, 2012

Lose weight eating watermelon

This is a diet is meant for all people who are making a dietary regimen to lose weight and are fans of the watermelon. It's a simple plan and may do so only for 1 week and you will lose weight from 2 to 3 kilos. To implement this scheme you...

Weird News Stories: "Yummy Tents"

Going on a camping?! Better check your tents if its reliable and "trendy". Yes you could go camping in style with these "yummy" tents from field candy.  Strawberry Tent Sandwich Tent Cheesecake Tent...
by Weird News Stories on Mar 19, 2012

Water Melon Juice

Bahan: 300 gr semangka 2 jeruk manis (jeruk mandarin) 2 sdm jeruk nipis/lemon 100 cc air Es batu secukupnya Cara membuat: Blender semua bahan hingga halus atau sesuai keinginan. Sajikan.   Manfaat: Memperlancar saluran pencernaan. Mencegah dan m...
by kudapan spesial on Mar 26, 2011

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