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Is Your Water Safe for Your Family? Find Out with an At-Home Testing Kit from TestAssured

Keeping our families safe and healthy is of the highest priority, and recent headlines have shown us the importance of being assured that our water is safe to drink. Fortunately, that is easy to do with a TestAssured home water test. I was sent a com...
by Susan Heim on Parenting on Aug 26, 2016

RNLI Creates Minecraft game to teach water safety to children

U me and the kids This Summer, the Royal National Lifeboat Institution (RNLI) is launching year two of the charity’s Beach Builder Challenge using the interactive video game, Minecraft, which allows children to create and build virtual worlds. The...
by umeandthekids on Jul 20, 2016

I'll be watching you: Hawaii's lifeguards are among the world's best

The best way to have a safe day at the beach in Hawaii is to make sure you are under the watchful eye of one of these dudes, a Hawaiian lifeguard — trained to act swiftly to save lives. Every day, somewhere in the Islands, these guys (also called '...
by Hawaii Photo Bank on Jul 18, 2016

Top Water Safety Tips for Parents #WaterSafetyPledge

Did you know? More people drowned in the UK last year than died in a fire-related incidents and drowning is the third highest cause of accidental death of children in the UK. STA, a leading UK... © 2009-2014 All Baby Advice This content is copyrig...
by All Baby Advice and more on Jun 3, 2016

Unilever Pureit “Sure Ka ba?” Campaign

Experience of a Super Mommy Experience of a Super Mommy - Budget wedding, motherhood, pregnancy, parenting, events, family and home As parents, we want clean and safe drinking water to protect the health of our families. With the recently launched ...
by Experience of a Super Mommy on Sep 5, 2015

Come Out and Play Giveaway Hop: Enter to Win a Konfidence Floatsuit for Kids ~ a $39.99 Value! #ComePlay

Welcome to the Come Out and Play Giveaway Hop! This hop is hosted by The Mommy Island and The Kids Did It, and features prizes focused on the outdoors and play! Each prize is worth a minimum of $15. After entering my giveaway, be sure to visit the li...
by Susan Heim on Parenting on Jun 1, 2015

How much is child safety worth to you? : The Saturday Weekend Review #110

COSTS INVOLVED ARE MINIMAL   Child safety is one of the most important things you can do for your child as a parent. YES some of these things WILL cost you money BUT that is what you need to do to protect your child. Most of what you will do is...
by CanadianBudgetBinder on Feb 21, 2015

Top Five Home Safety Tips For Families With Kids

Since a home is most people’s safe haven, it is important that the environment remain safe and secure. For families with children, the safety of the home is of the upmost importance. From protecting against burglaries to protecting against ingestin...

To swim school or not? Aquababies West

Since May, Baby has been learning to swim with Aquababies West.  A few parents I know commented that there is … Read More → The post To swim school or not? Aquababies West appeared first on You Baby Me Mummy.
by You Baby Me Mummy on Dec 5, 2014

Services & Maintenance: For Safety’s Sake

Today's Facility Manager (TFM) Magazine A smart approach to water management protects occupant health and reduces costs. Services & Maintenance: For Safety’s Sake appeared first on Today's Facility Manager (TFM) Magazine.
by FacilityBlog on Sep 18, 2014

When to Say When in the Wind

Fishing in Texas, wind is inevitable. The problem with it is the constant change and knowing when to say when. Knowing when can be the difference between frustration and potential disaster.Recently I had a day off midweek and decided I was going to f...
by PaynesPaddleFish on May 8, 2014

Teach Your Kids These Five Skills that Could Save Their Lives

As a parent, your most important job is to provide safety and security for your children. While there are many things you can personally do to ensure their well-being, it’s what you teach them that could one day save their […]Be the first...
by Earnest Parenting on Apr 21, 2014

Warm Weather Water Safety Tips for Families

Spring is here and the weather is finally starting to warm up. Before long it will be time to take the family down to your […]...
by How To Learn on Apr 1, 2014

NEW SERVICE SPOTLIGHT: StaySafer Program by NSF International

The program provides hospitality facility professionals with a means to evaluate and demonstrate the safety of its water systems and foodservice operations.
by FacilityBlog on Feb 27, 2014

West Virginia Water Safety

The January 9 chemical spill in West Virginia that destroyed the drinking water of over 300,000 people has brought the need for stringent regulation to the forefront. There are thousands... Read MoreThe post West Virginia Water Safety appea...
by Zintro Blog on Feb 6, 2014

It's Getting Cold Outside. Don't Die!

by PaynesPaddleFish on Oct 22, 2013

Summer Safety Tips: Avoid Dangers While Boating With Children

Although safety boating tips may seem obvious, such as wearing sunscreen and life jackets, paying attention to the safety details can prevent fatal accidents.
by Loving Your Child on Aug 2, 2013

We Have Another Swimmer!

Some of you may remember my posts last summer about Rylie and Bryce in swimming lessons. Rylie graduated from swim lessons last summer, and although Bryce learned a lot, he wasn't quite the swimmer that his sister was. We put both kids back in swimm...

PYC junior learn to sail classes

we just registered our 2 older boys for sailing lessons this year.  there are a few programs in the Detroit Metro area that offer sailing lessons for youth during the summer, but the location and/or times vary quite a bit.  we chose to use Pontiac...

Safety for Kids: Baby Proofing my Home

Check out the Moms Know Best promo of Wilkins! 5 stories will be chosen for publication in Smart Parenting magazine and 1 story will be turned into a 10-minute short film aired on TV. You might also like: Philippine Airlines Safety Video JollibeeR...
by Manila Reviews on Feb 26, 2013

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