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Homemade Weed Killer

photo by Do you have a lot of unsightly weeds that are popping through cracks in the sidewalk or maybe in your driveway? There are many ways to deal with weeds depending on... Visit my website for full links, other content,...
by Find My DIY on Aug 23, 2016

A Brilliant Substitute for Grass

TweetSo here's my invention..... See the photo of the drought stricken patch of grass? This grass is seen everywhere around suburbs in Ontario, Canada. Yes, we haven't had enough rain to support lush green grass, and secondly, the cost of watering yo...
by You Can Know Anything on Jul 19, 2016

My old friend is being reborn

There’s a mountain of work to do at Cathedral Drive Farm in Hope Ness these days: weed between the rows, hill the potatoes, spread straw mulch everywhere possible to hold the moisture in the soil and keep the clay-loam soil from baking to hard-pan...
by Finding Hope Ness on Jun 10, 2016

Mixed bag

A bunch of different items for today: 1)Last year I talked about my battle with Canada Thistle and it is even worse so far this year. Like close to pushing me over the edge worse. That ornamental grass above is in danger of being fully enveloped by...
by An Obessive Neurotic Gardener on May 10, 2016

Embrace the dandelions

An open letter to my obsessive lawn loving friends and family: I love you all, I really do. But you have to chill the hell out. There is nothing you can do about it and in fact, I’m writing this letter today with the goal of not only talking yo...
by An Obessive Neurotic Gardener on Apr 29, 2016

SEEDY SUNDAY 2016 in Nanaimo, BC

This weekend, on Sunday, my husband, Zoe dog and I drove down Island to Nanaimo for the annual Seedy Sunday.Seedy Sunday (or Seedy Saturday) is a gathering of gardeners, local small seed companies and nurseries, in a low-cost local venue where they c...
by Organic Gran on Mar 9, 2016


Pulling weeds. Some people despise doing this. I love it. Yes, it’s back breaking, tedious, and sometimes frustrating (when only the top part of the weed comes off in your grasp). But it is oh,… Continue Reading… The post HOW IS YOUR RO...
by Let There Be Pets on Feb 29, 2016

Netflix and Chill

by DAVIDVENTER.NET on Jan 13, 2016

Merry Micro Sinningiamas

My African violets are all just boring foliage right now, but almost all my micro sinnies are going gangbusters! So here's some pics. (click to biggerize)whoohoo!Li'l Georgie, always a champ.muscicola--Yes I know it's a shitty pic, sorry.pusillaStar...
by Fuzzy Foliage on Dec 23, 2015

What's Blooming 11.06.15

Well, not a lot considering the massive tear-down a coupla weeks back. But African violet 'Kid Karla' and micro Sinningia 'Star Eyes' were first in line to show off. :)...
by Fuzzy Foliage on Nov 6, 2015


Yes, I've neglected the crap outta my plants for the last year. No, I have not given up on them.Luckily, one of the greatest things about African violets is that you can always get a do-over--And thank frig, because I've had MANY do-overs, and I'll c...
by Fuzzy Foliage on Oct 25, 2015

Still Alive!

Yeah I know I haven't updated in months, but I also haven't taken really good care of my plants in months. I work outside my home now and I feel like I never have time for them. But despite my neglect, they still put out flowers for me and make me sm...
by Fuzzy Foliage on Jul 6, 2015

Green Treasures

Instead of killing your weeds, use them to create healthy and delicious salads and smoothies.
by Hunter Happenings on Apr 15, 2015

Project Prepper, Part 33: Focus On Food

It’s been some time since my last “Project Prepper” post (January 5), where I reaffirmed security is at the top of a list of six “innate survival needs” I’m working on meeting as part of this series of posts. That list, as you may recall,...
by Survival And Prosperity on Mar 30, 2015

Garden Books

With many feet of snow on the ground in New England, and much of it likely to be there until April, gardening outdoors is not an option at this time of year. In our long winters, we turn to indoor gardening (houseplants, seed starting) and to mental...
by Jean's Garden on Feb 11, 2015

Strategies On How To Deal With Allergies

Do you have allergies? Do you want to know how to treat allergies? This article is the answer to your allergy dilemma. Below you’ll discover some great information that will help clear you up quickly. One way to keep allergies under control is...
by Allergy articles on Nov 18, 2014

Mary Louise Parker Writing Revealing Book

Mary Louise Parker is  an American Actress who is the 2006 Golden Globe winner for her role of Nancy Botwin as the pot growing housewife on the hit series “Weeds”. This was an exclusive Showtime series. This show also gave her American emmy and...
by Glam on Oct 2, 2014

Nasiona marihuany

Współcześnie nasiona marihuany na terenie Polski nie są legalne. To sprawia, że nie każdy z nas ma okazję je hodować czy też nabyć dla swoich wymagań. To powoduje, ze nasiona marihuany mogą...
by X-PRIME NET on Sep 25, 2014

Another Micro Sinningia Seedling..

A new blossom opened her face among the seedlings of my muscicola x Li'l Georgie cross. Cute, but nothing special. Pretty neat all the same, because every time one of my own cross seedlings blooms, it's magical. I just look at it in awe like, "I hybr...
by Fuzzy Foliage on Sep 21, 2014

Garden Tips, How to Prevent Grass to Grow in Your Garden Pavestone

The growth of grass is not to be expected. Weeds can grow anywhere in the outdoor area, even in a very small spot though, for example, on the sidelines of stone / paving on footpaths. Tough grass that grows very quickly if not immediately eradicated...
by Home Garden Air on Sep 8, 2014

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