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Fresh Start

Have you ever wanted a fresh start? Wait… let me explain. Not something you regret doing, or wish you could do over. But a fresh start. Something new. A change in your life? Not that things aren’t going as they planned. In fact, things ar...
by This is real life on Jan 18, 2015

Mehleficent Spoiler Talk and What Ifs

I assume I’m one of the last persons to watch what is currently the #1 movie in the world so a spoiler talk is better... The post Mehleficent Spoiler Talk and What Ifs appeared first on PROJECT OPIUMTWIN.

Deep Thoughts Thursday

This poem, to date, is still my favorite of all time. I think I love it so much because 1. I never had an issue understanding it (none of that read between the lines BS) and 2. It really applies to everyone. At one point or another you will have to...
by Confessions of Serial Napper on May 2, 2013

Something to THINK About!

Most of you that read me know that from time to time I have extra time on my hands to watch TV and Movies. Well, watching "Legion" a couple of weeks ago and a quote was made in it I found to be a very interesting QUOTE and Question. Personally, I a...
by Anything at Anytime on Jul 20, 2011

Gift of Renewal & #8

Anything at Anytime is going to Revisit something I would really like to get started and to possibly have "GROW".  I am going to go over the "Gift of Renewal" again today and of course reveal #8 in the 12 Blogs by Christmas. #8 Daydream Bel...
by Anything at Anytime on Dec 18, 2010

Don't read too much into this

What if you simply have too many things going on at the moment and you’re struggling to get by, would you spend time to explain to a clueless person everything that was going on even if you knew that you would get no valuable help and you’re not...
by Phi-cynosure on Nov 5, 2010

Exercising the What Ifs

Image via Wikipedia A real key to seeing the funny, is seeing the “What ifs.” Here is something you can do to help develop those “What If” muscles. The game is called “Objects” and requires the name of a small i...
by Using Humor on Apr 3, 2009

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