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What To Do When Your Bored – 10 Simple Things To Do When Your Bored

The Boredom is one of the unpleasant thing that an individual can’t take so here you get article on What To Do When Your Bored. When you are bore you feel frustrated and confused what to do and what not do. You feel very annoying and try to divert...
by Truth or Dare Questions on Aug 29, 2016

Microsimulation of road traffic

This is a really great applet and you can spend alot of time on this. Could this lead to the end of the long delays in traffic? will it give us an answer? Micro simulation of road traffic. Why? To simulate the effect of control measures like Spe...
by I am Bored on Feb 15, 2009

Brain stress test, leapfrog puzzle

Can you get the frogs to swap sides? simple? well, it actually is once you get it right. Leapfrog brain test...
by I am Bored on Feb 2, 2009

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