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Ya puede verse el nuevo videoclip de The Afghan Whigs perteneciente al tema Matamoros. Matamoros es el segundo single extraído del álbum de regreso de los de Cincinnati, Do to the Beast, y Phil Harder, director del clip de Algiers, ha sido el...
by Alquimia Sonora on Jul 14, 2014


ARTIST: The Afghan Whigs TITLE: Algiers ALBUM: Do to the Beast WEB: YouTube directed by Phillip Harder The post RS VIDEO OF THE WEEK #203 AFGHAN WHIGS – Algiers appeared first on radioSpin.
by radioSpin on May 11, 2014

THE AFGHAN WHIGS Do to the Beast

A 16-year gap between studio albums for any band would likely mean changes. For a band like The Afghan Whigs, though, who were alwayswildly out of step with their scene (serving up a mash of decadent soul and hard rock in their heyday while the masse...
by radioSpin on Apr 14, 2014

Something Else! sneak peek: Emperors of Wyoming, “Rebirth of the Cool” (2014)

How appropriate that the Emporers of Wyoming, a Butch Vig band more than three decades in the making, has fashioned a folk-reverie out of the Afghan Whigs’ crunchy “Rebirth Of The Cool.” The members of Emperors of Wyoming met not in...
by Something Else Reviews on Apr 10, 2014

Daniel Hannan, MEP: Thomas Jefferson, Anglosphere Hero

Daniel Hannan is an MEP for the South East and blogs for the Daily Telegraph. You can follow him on Twitter. He is pictured above at Monticello last week speaking to the Fund for American Studies When Thomas Jefferson drafte...
by SUNLIT UPLANDS on Jul 4, 2013

The Whig Aesthetic That Helped To Create The Virtues Of The Anglosphere

By Daniel Hannan, MEP Is there such a thing as a Whig aesthetic? Do we find buildings or works of art that radiate the liberal, patriotic, small-government values that in time came to define the Anglosphere? One answer is to imagine how th...
by SUNLIT UPLANDS on Apr 25, 2013

Whigs – Need You Need You Lyrics

Well the rights, well they dangle in my head Never acted before on her actions, reactions were never really good It’s alright, hesitation in my brain Things are standing still but they’re standing where they should My finger could bring d...
by Lirik Lagu Mp3 on Dec 30, 2012

Yeni Şarkı: The Afghan Whigs “Lovecrimes”

Geçtiğimiz yıl yeniden biraraya gelen ve turneye çıkan The Afghan Whigs, bir yandan yeni kayıtlarını da yayınlıyor. Mayıs ayında yayınlanan cover “See And Don’t See”den sonra bu kez daha yeni bir şarkının cover’ı yayınlandı...

Yeni Şarkı: The Afghan Whigs “See And Don’t See”

90’lı yılların Soul Rock efsanesi “The Afghan Whigs” beş yıl aradan sonra yeni bir kayıt yayınladı. Greg Dulli’nin içe işleyen vokalleriyle birçok hite imza atan grup, 1998’de altıncı stüdyo albümleri “1965”i yayınladık...

Half Notes: The Afghan Whigs – Unbreakable: A Retrospective 1990-2006 (2007)

As the title suggests, it’s a best-of for this critically adored soul-punk act, and probably a good place for all of us to start. Myself, I had “66″ and like it a lot, but I’d really fallen for lead Greg Dulli’s new band...
by Something Else Reviews on Apr 13, 2012

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