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One Track Mind: White Wizzard, “High Speed GTO” (2008)

It was one of those perfect spring-like Saturday afternoons. The sun was shining, the temperature was just right, and there was a freshness in the air. That’s when, as I was driving down the highway, my shuffle landed on a song that it hadn’t pla...
by Something Else Reviews on Mar 27, 2012

Fred Phillips’ Top Albums for 2011: Hard Rock and Metal Edition

As I look back over 2011′s releases, I realize that maybe it wasn’t quite as good a year in the metal world as I thought. For the past few years, I’ve had as many as a couple dozen candidates for this list, and it’s been diffi...
by Something Else Reviews on Dec 24, 2011

White Wizzard - Neuer Song

Nur noch wenige Wochen bis zur Veröffentlichung von WHITE WIZZARDs zweitem, richtigen Langspieler "Flying Tigers". Vorab gibt´s aber schon mal den Song "Starchild" gratis zum Downloaden!
by Berlin Metal Legion on Aug 24, 2011

White Wizzard - Camden Underworld 14 November 2010

On a Sunday evening at twenty past seven, standing in a queue in subway, still drunk from the night before and trying to maintain my composure, is unfortunately, familiar territory. Unfortunate for both my mental and physical health. Unfortunate for...
by Suicide Scriptures on Dec 1, 2010

White Wizzard - Over the Top[2010]

Genre: Traditional Heavy MetalCountry: USAQuality: 256K/s 44100Hz Joint StereoTotal time: 55:421. Over the Top (5:08)2. 40 Deuces (4:34)3. High Roller (4:35)4. Live Free or Die (5:34)5. Iron Goddess of Vengeance (7:33)6. Out of Control (4:01)7. Strik...
by Keepers of Metal on Mar 7, 2010

Vids That Make You Go Yeah!... then Huh?..then Yeah! Again

I came across 2 fairly new videos today. I needed something loud enough to scare the snot out of my sinuses and into the stratosphere(don't worry, I'm alone and won't infect you, your brood or the horse you rode in on). I have a black do- rag hanging...
by Circle of Fits on Feb 9, 2010

KORPIKLAANI Batal Manggung Di Amerika Selatan

Band folk metal Finlandia, KORPIKLAANI akhirnya mengumumkan pembatalan tur mereka ke Amerika Selatan dan berikut pernyataan mereka: “Dengan sangat sedih kami membatalkan tur ke daerah Amerika Selatan karena gagalnya memperoleh izin kerja yang...
by BERONTAK ZINE on Nov 1, 2009

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