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Gold Coins – A Smart Investment

When you are looking for smart ways to invest your money, you have a lot of different options. One thing is for sure, however, is that the economy and the financial landscape has certainly changed. Things are not the way they you used to be. There ar...
by Wholesalegold on Nov 4, 2010

Gold Coins – Why is Everyone Buying Gold These Days?

Gold coins are more popular today than they have been in quite a while. Uncertain economic times have people turning more and more to hard currency in the form of gold and other precious metals. The more upheaval we see, the more the value of gold sh...
by Wholesalegold on Oct 7, 2010

Gold Coins – The Safest Way to Invest

In today’s economy, you will want to start thinking about alternative methods of saving and finance if you want your money to last and grow in value. The truth is that the old methods of stocks and bonds are no longer recommended by today’s econo...
by Wholesalegold on Sep 3, 2010

American Eagle Coins – What Smart Investors Know

If you are finally in that position where you have a nice cushion of money in your savings account, you should first congratulate yourself. In today’s economic landscape, it is not easy to accumulate wealth. Those who have a good amount of money ha...
by Wholesalegold on Aug 11, 2010

Gold Coins – A Safer Investment Alternative

The stock market is usually a person’s first thought when they hear the term investment. Real estate and other tangible assets are also common investment options. However, historically one of the safest investments has always been gold and gold coi...
by Wholesalegold on Aug 6, 2010

Gold coins investment

“Gold is the hallmark of quality and time.” Famous quotes like these have been written time and again for the metal of all centuries – gold. In today’s time, when the stock markets are based on speculation and losses can be expected on invest...
by Wholesalegold on Jul 3, 2010

rare gold coins - Gold Coins

Throughout the centuries, people have used various methods to add aesthetic value around them. There are many instances in history where kings and queens have fought battles over these aesthetic treasures. These included gems, emeraldes, diamonds, pe...
by Wholesalegold on May 22, 2010

Gold coins

It is always said that Old is Gold; however, gold never gets old. That is why it is always in demand. Over the centuries, gold has been seen regarded as a valuable metal for aesthetic purposes and as an investment for the bad times. It is a fact that...
by Wholesalegold on May 7, 2010

Buying Gold Coins

Liberty was selected as the design to grace the American Eagle gold coin in late 1060s. The design initially appeared in 1905 on the double edge gold piece where it remained till 1930s. Like other gold coins, the American eagle gold coins have always...
by Wholesalegold on Apr 5, 2010

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