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Wifi on all Intercity trains from 2013 in Hungary

State Railways, Mav-Start announced, they equip 750 railcars with wifi system, so all Intercity trains are gonna have free WiFi access. Above Intercity trains, all Stadler Flirt and several trains around Budapest will have the service.

Wifi on Intercity trains in Hungary

Hungarian State Railways (Mav-Start) added new service to Intercity trains. Wifi connection available on several (not all) Intercity trains for free on the following routes : Budapest-Miskolc-Nyiregyhaza-Debrecen-Budapest on Delibab, Kocsag, Borsod a...

Free WiFi on GYSEV trains in Hungary

GYSEV, which operates trains in western transdanubia, on routes like Budapest-Gyor, Sopron-Gyor introduce WiFi internet service on trains between Sopron and Gyor and Gyor to Budapest. The mobile internet connection will be serviced by Telenor. If the...

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